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Monday, September 26, 2011


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Kitty otoole

Great idea! I live on Reddit, and would really love an SL centric sub-Reddit.
Good luck, hope it happens!



karim marquette

sounds awesome. some crowdsourcing! maybe make a whole network. I want a Karim Marquette Show! lol

karim marquette

oh, can u give us a little time to get with buddies in SL? Or could i give u a list of names? i'm usually online in the evenings and may not be able to get to buddies right away. i think you'll get a lot of support dude.

Domchi Underwood

I'm in.

Tateru Nino

We already have one. Have had for quite some time.

Tateru Nino

That would be this: http://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife

Nexus Burbclave

Sounds good. It would be nice to have another social networking option that I can add to my "social networks for avatars" page without an asterisk.

Hamlet Au

Somehow I didn't see the existing SL Reddit group when I searched for it, but Francis Chung (there's an old school SLer!) told me it was there 15 minutes after I posted this. Could certainly use more promotion and members, so I'll be trying that out starting this week!

Tateru Nino

There was a round of promotion on about a dozen SL blogs a few months back. The Reddit audience isn't generally fond of Second Life stories (except ones that say it's doomed or full of perverts) though, so most SL-related pieces that start to gain some serious traction just get down-voted.

Nevertheless even with a few determined down-voters looking in regularly, it's still worthwhile in and of itself, IMO.

webspelunker Ghostraven

I'm in!


yup - i was thinking the same thing.

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