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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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For all those not listening:

They take 10x the value they "consider" your work at.

I wonder if he'd keep the sims up/selling at 30.00 a month ...not 300.00

New sucker born every...oh wait, that was 2007 when they HAD new user spending growth....

Slow meshy mess they keep making.

Valentina Kendal

Sextan Shepherd was a very talented and imaginative builder. His builds brought immense joy to those of us who still travel the world to see what 'Your IMagination' can come up with (and take pictures or videos of it).


Your article doesn't say why he left, but I doubt mesh or being able to access SL on his iPad would have solved the issues that caused him to leave.

Sadly bongo, LL can't cut land pricing, or they'd have to turn out the lights.

Eddi Haskell

I still wish Linden would consider my proposal of three years ago, to let ONE great sim picked once a month get free rent for a year or two as a great content contribution.

The problem with Second Life-- I have said it before and I will say it again-- is all about poor content. Most of SL looks like haphazard junk and is boring. Since users are creating great content for free that benefits Linden Labs as a whole, it is incredible that nothing can be done by Linden to reward those builders who can't earn revenue to pay for their magnificent creations.

Ah Hamlet--- Back to New Venice on the stalled Blue Mars virtual world to see what great content might look like in Second Life!

Tinsel Silvera

According to comments by Sextan at http://www.steampunktribune.com/2011/09/steampunk-builders-sextan-shepherd-has.html he has not left Second Life but instead working on other projects. This is good to hear and hopefully we can see some of those projects soon.

Nahasa Singh

The Flash video at the top of secondlife.com home page, featuring some of the wonderful places you can visit in SL, includes a section filmed in Sextan's defunct Nemo sim. They never bothered to change it after Nemo was gone.

The Lindens should be ashamed of featuring a place that is no more in their home page, moreso when their policies and chargin models were probably the cause of Sextan's departure.

This sucks badly.

Ehrman Digfoot

Has this post been edited since it was originally published? I've read it twice and I still can't find anything indicating that he switched to "another platform." I also seem to remember a very similar article last year when the Verne sim originally closed down. I'm sure he'll be back.

Hamlet Au

You mean besides, "His SL profile now says he's 'a content creator, on another platform'"?

If the comment Tinsel points to is his (thanks!), it looks like he's doing stuff on a small private OpenSim grid.

Arcadia Codesmith

For the same monthly price as a single SL region, I could pay for a T1 line and a bank of servers.

That's a problem.

Ziki Questi

Hello. I stay in touch with Sextan via email. He's doing some commercial work on another grid--not of the same kind, just work for hire.

I'm not sure how much of a "scoop" The Steampunk Tribune has there, since Liberty Cove has been empty for about a month. Sextan inadvertently deleted his SL Marketplace box when he emptied the sim, and so his Marketplace store is empty, but he does plan to relist items.

Ziki Questi

Also, I should add that I created several pieces of machinima of Sextan's Nemo build, the last one of which is a curious piece on the destruction of Nemo, made after the sim closed:


Valentina Kendal

Oh Ziki, that's very cool - I hadn't seen that, thanks for sharing! It looks amazing even in its physical state lying in pieces on the ground.


This blog post is wrong. Sextan has NOT left SL:


Stacia Villota

I did a blog post on it too... so sad to hear this news! http://virtualneko.com/sl-steampunk-nemo-shepherd-tesla/

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