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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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Cinder Roxley

it's because it's still SL Viewer2, it's just SL Viewer2 3.0. yay! does your laptop have an nvidia graphics card? if so, that's the reason it won't run. there's terrible compatibility problems with any viewer2 2.7.3 and above and nvidia windows drivers newer than 260.99.

Viewer2 is now incompatible with NEW and OLD technology. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2240

Hamlet Au

But it sez Second Life 3.0.3 in the About thingie!

Hamlet Au

Cinder, yeah, it's running a 1GB NVIDIA® 335M.

Rockridge Constantine

Does that even make sense?? I downloaded the v. 3.0.3 as well, but it just installed right over the v.2 so I just renamed the shortcut to 3.

Cinder Roxley

Yea, unless you want to roll back your video driver to last january and break other games and 3D software, you won't be using Viewer2/3 anytime soon.

Hamlet Au

W! T! F-ING! F!

Tateru Nino

Depending on who you talk to at the Lab, SL Viewer 3 is either:

* Second Life Viewer 3
* Second Life Viewer 2 2.0
* Second Life Viewer 2 3.0

The latter, of course, makes little sense since the first Second Life 2 Viewer was Viewer 2.0.

Tateru Nino

Oh, and yes. Try disabling basic shaders before you log in. That might help you a lot with the crashing. It worked for me. Graphical support in Viewer 3 has been quite spotty.

Tateru Nino

CronoCloud Creeggan (who cannot comment here) says that Viewer 3 has its own Viewer 3 icon - under Linux. So far as I can see, the Windows version of the viewer does not.

Ehrman Digfoot

I hadn't heard about the problems with newer nvidia drivers and windows. I'm running SL3 on Ubuntu 11.04 32bit gtx570 with the proprietary nvidia drivers and have had exceptional performance, especially with mesh, full shadows, AO. Mesh even loads more quickly than sculpted prims.

Sam Nightfire

I've have run V3 a few times on my Dell Pentium i7 2600 64 bit, though a Radion and not nvidia GC and noticed it had super-fast rezzing, great stability and absolutely no issues. I do prefer Firestorm though for many reasons ;)

Oriella Charik

Radion 5700 here, all viewers have been fine including the Mesh ones. Well, there are a few minor mesh bugs and textures get twitchy with Shadows, but nothing major. FPS is as I would expect. Just a question of Linden tweaking to get driver compatability glitches fixed - we hope!


welcome to our world, Hamlet, since 2.0...


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nividia geforce gtx 570, Windows 7 64 bit, latest driver nvidia driver
Viewer 3.0.3 (It says in help)
Sorry to be positive :) but this is the best viewer I've seen in ages for stability. It hardly ever crashes even on TPing!!!

Troy McConaghy

My icon says "Second Life Viewer 2" but when I run it and login, then go to Help - About Second Life, it says 3.0.3.

I thought I was just some anomaly. I guess not.

(This is running on Windows 7 + Intel CPU + Nvidia graphics card, i.e. nothing unusual.)

Ferd Frederix

You didn't say what Alienware you have. I have updated both an M17-R1 and a M17x-r3 with the patches posted in this Jira and went from craptastic to fantastic performance. Don't use the Dell drivers. Can you believe Ultra mode at 4+5 fps in Viewer 2 on a laptop?


Ferd Frederix

Opps thats 45 +, not 4+5 fps.

Ethan Mudgett

The one you have installed is the same as as Second Life viewer 2, only, the version you installed is Second Life Version 2 3.0. I actually use this in my CPU at home, and it works perfectly. Maybe you have a problem with your 3D accelerator or video card.

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