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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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jo yardley

I never use mesh or a mesh viewer YET.
There is no hurry so I am not even looking at this mesh stuff for a few months at least.

Toxic Menges

I just spent a very enjoyable weekend taking part in the 48hour film project and we used mesh products in that filming. I've been enjoying exploring and experimenting with mesh content for a while now. More impressed with whole rigged avis and builds than individual pieces of clothing at the moment, but am waiting to be wowed by some great clothing in the future. My default viewer is mesh enabled.

Samara Barzane

No I am not buying mesh and I don't use a mesh-enabled viewer 90% of the time.


My home sim is in a region not supported by mesh. I'm still getting used to Firestorm, so I'm not in a rush to use mesh even as a clothing item. When attending an event, and you are not using a mesh supported viewer, the residents wearing mesh look pretty crappy.

It's all part of the evolution of SL/VWs. One day we will look back and remember the times when the mesh users showed up to the concert with missing middles and wearing barrels. Last night I ran into Honour and Diana (the cute avatars you picture) and I was not using a mesh-enabled viewer, they looked like colorful oil tanks. LOL


I wish there was an option for "rarely buy mesh content." I do buy it, but only when the mesh creator works well with the current limitations of mesh (for example, 4mc's excellent bulky jacket, which doesn't rely so heavily on forcing the wearer into a specific shape, but still makes the most of mesh's ability to move with the wearer). I do not buy mesh that forces me to discard my own shape in favor of the designer's shape.

Alicia Chenaux

I LOVE MESH. I love to buy mesh, I love to wear mesh. If people can't see it, that's not my fault they're still doing it old school.

Nalates Urriah

I've been using mesh capable viewers for months.

I have yet to buy a mesh anything. Things are too up in the air to know what one is buying. Sooner or later I'll see something I just have to have.


The only time I use the mesh viewer or buy or wear mesh items is for blog pictures.

Damien Fate

Thanks for posting this!

Moggs Oceanlane

What about, I use a mesh based browser and am desperately trying to learn more about creating mesh myself.

I have bought a few things but I've spent a lot more time doing tutorials and learning more about mesh and blender since mesh has become a main grid reality than anything else.

Robert Kohut

I've seen a few mesh related items for sale, but haven't bought anything just yet. There just isn't enough content there to tag my interest. I've finally switched over to SL's official viewer, but not without the help of the starlight skin which fixes all of the UI flaws the Lindens like to call features. ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_Skins/Starlight )

Amethyst Jetaime

Won't buy mesh clothes until I can make the clothes fit my shape and don't have to make my shape fit the clothes.

Ceera Murakami

I'm using the Firestorm Mesh Beta or the Viewer 3 from LL, but NOT because of Mesh! I'm using them to be able to make up to 64 Meter prims, which is FAR more important to me than Mesh, which many people still can't see properly.

I will not purchase or use or create Mesh content until LL resolves some of the major issues with Mesh (Like the complete lack of avatar morph slider responses in mesh clothes and mesh avatars), and until 85% or more of the users on the Grid can actually see mesh content as anything other than random prim garbage.

Rin Tae

Ohh.. I love mesh, use the mesh firestorm since the day it came out and bought my first mesh boots one day after the mssh firestorm came out.

However there is one option missing since while I don't buy much mesh yet (not enough content available yet), I build with it and spend lots of time learning blender.


only use to upload and test,all mesh viewers really suck on my state of the art pc's,only sold 2 in a month.Love checking out the stolen content that is uploaded though...LL will have some deleting content,accounts and answers to do when the team at Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory get wind of what is going on at the marketplace...
Please acknowledge...
"Please be sure to acknowledge the source of the data and models you take from this repository. In each of the listings below, we have cited the source of the range data and reconstructed models. You are welcome to use the data and models for research purposes. You are also welcome to mirror or redistribute them for free. Finally, you may publish images made using these models, or the images on this web site, in a scholarly article or book - as long as credit is given to the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory. However, such models or images are not to be used for commercial purposes, nor should they appear in a product for sale (with the exception of scholarly journals or books), without our permission. "
try explaining it to this guy https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/David-Michelangelo-by-Mesh-This/2677801
though his English isn't too good ??

Oriella Charik

While I stick to whatever the latest Linden viewer is my alts are still using Phoenix. Like Ceera I appreciate the 64m Prims!
Right now I don't think a Survey means much as people are still changing over. When the majority are seeing strange shapes every day and realise 'that must be Mesh' then they will switch, by which time a stable Firestorm should be available for those who like customisable UIs.


*Often* as the opposite of *never*?
I *use* a mesh viewer and buy often. Im loving it. Looks fab. I`m not adverse to making myself fit the closest size. My only problem is my slowpoke partner who wont step into the future with me. He`s going to find himself staring at grey blobs. *shrugs*


The only survey that matters is how many people log in with a mesh-enabled viewer, which only Linden Lab has the correct numbers for. Hamlet, could you get them to tell us this info?

By the way, for users of the Phoenix viewer, they are adding mesh. It's currently only in the code repository, but it's coming.

Imagin Illyar

Mesh is an exciting new tool for me in SL. I've been dabbling in 3D software for many years and have just started building mesh items for my estate. I find Firestorm MUCH more stable than the standard SL viewer and am loving it so far.

Arcadia Codesmith

I haven't bought any mesh to date. I've got no objection to buying mesh, but nothing has hit my "covet" button yet.

Rusalka Writer

Just to clarify one statement, mesh is now available on the entire grid. Anyone thinking they don't have it should check their viewer, then check with the landlord or with LL.

I feel I skewed the results a bit. I always use a mesh viewer but don't buy mesh because I'm a mesh creator. If I want something, I'll build it.

Alexi Reggiane

I was really excited about mesh. I even successfully made rigged mesh clothing on the beta grid. I shelved that project though when I found out I couldn't resize a rigged mesh.

I am still interested in mesh but I am waiting until someone comes up with a mesh viewer that is stable and with most all the bugs ironed-out. I currently use Phoenix and have been waiting for Firestorm to come out of beta. Now that Phoenix will be coming out with a version that will let you view meshes I may try that first.

With more viewers (even V1 style viewers coming out with mesh viewable versions) coming out, I think mesh will be adopted my most alot sooner.


Mesh viewers,builders & buyers

Canoro Philipp

i use a mesh enabled viewer all the time, and i have mesh stuff, it looks more precise and cause less lag.

im aware that some people cant see my mesh stuff but the problem is not on my side, is that they are too outdated to see things correctly.

Toysoldier Thor

I do not use mesh and I do not have a Mesh capable viewer (one of my PCs has firestorm beta but not the one with mesh since I heard it has mesh bugs).

Like many I have heard, I have no immediate feeling to rush to mesh. I dont wanna walk around SL grid with invisible body parts and I do not want to invest in Mesh for about 3 to 6 months because by that time all viewers will be in full production mesh capable mode, LL glitches and bugs with Mesh deployment and usage will have been worked out and I would consider trying to convert some of my landscape Sculpty map packs to a Mesh version to see how it sells.

I will let the MESHANISTAS figure out all the bugs of mesh until mesh is mainstream adopted on the grid.


At present, Firestorm's Beta 2 is the only viewer that works correctly for me, as I'm a casualty of the GeForce 4 series crash bug. Even if I work around that problem, textures disappear etc.

So I sometimes use a mesh viewer, but only to test uploading mesh in order to be prepared when there's a stable viewer. I won't be comfortable wearing and rezzing mesh until both the Phoenix Team and Linden Lab's "officially supported viewers" are all mesh-enabled, with the exception of lingering 1.X support.

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