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Monday, September 19, 2011


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Gwyneth Llewelyn

Excellent points :) It shall be interesting to see if Twitter reaches a billion users too hehe... although in their case it's not just "humans" but also organisations and groups that are using their service to keep their audience informed. How different from Facebook (and specially from Google+!)


The fight for "real names" is un-enforcable and useless:
- look at DC characters like Batman or Superman in Google+... there are many of them ^_^
- see the percentage of your Facebook Friends with do not go under their "real names"...
What it does is permit some users to signal other accounts.

So vocal users, often user who post a lot of material, are banned... when funny or discret accounts go unnoticed even with silly name or obvious pseudonyms.

I had to go with a pseudonym for my avatar name, "Dandier Steel", both on Facebook and Google+, because DD Ra was too short for Facebook and Google+ banned me twice... On twitter and most other sites, I am DD Ra.

Ciaran Laval

Twitter simply gives people more options to express themselves, celebs can get verified status, I guess a happy medium would be a network that allows anyone to verify themselves but those who want to stay pseudonymous, can do so.

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