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Friday, September 30, 2011


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Actually, I reported that change here on the 27th under your Mesh viewer survey comments. Glad you are catching up.

Metacam Oh

Yeah maybe someday after they are done making some mobile apps that have nothing to do with SL

Cisop Sixpence

In the mean time, making that part of the legs invisible at least makes it more presentable. I mean, if they are to be covered by the dress anyway, invisible just makes it so you can't see what you shouldn't see anyway.

Adeon Writer

I understand not wanting to change your shape to match your clothes.

I also understand not wanting to just alpha out your body to show the mesh clothing being an entirely different shape. (Same deal!)

But I don't get the whole stigma of alpha masks in general - That pic is pretty darn close! An alpha mask would be a harmless fix - People aren't supposed to have x-ray vision and see under clothing anyway. :)


anyone wanna fund an ex-linden to do it?


It's not like people are being forced to wear mesh clothing... so in my mind, it's either a like it or lump it situation.

If you don't wanna change your shape, that's cool.... but maybe stick with textured clothing, the type we've been used to for years.

Ciaran Laval

lol qarl! I wish I could afford to pay you to fix it.


Hamlet, you should repost this table, which is the slam-dunk argument for why LL needs to prioritize this now.


This is from Rustica's blog post:



I've been working on a number of cool mesh creations, but I'm freezing all mesh development until LL wakes up to this requirement.

maxwell graf

I'd be very interested in funding this project privately, in light of the recent dumbass move to downgrade this to file-13 status.

Sent you an email, qarl.


conclusion: mesh for clothing (its biggest market) is delayed to "someday/maybe" ...
mesh will stay a niche in SL, a lost opportunity, not worth a single US$ LL spent for its development (sounds a bit like a familiar story...)
and probably will phoenix solve that problem in 3 months and the LL viewer will drop from 20% usage to 3%...

Arcadia Codesmith

Linden Lab, meet me at camera three.

You know that long string of dumbass rookie mistakes you've made that hurt retention and convinced your core base that you have no clue what you're doing?

Yeah. You're still doing it. Knock it off. Fast track this.

Ferd Frederix

Add to this 'When I right click any mesh, I hard crash to the desktop" and 'I can't see mesh when using any other viewer thats worth a damn'.

I'll probably take a look at using mesh in a year or so when people can actually see it and manipulate it.

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