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Monday, September 26, 2011


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Gwenete Writer Sinclair

Random Acts of Virtality . . . Consider: The "real" world is manifested FROM our minds, not necessarily reflected IN our minds;-D Minds gather using physical brains, churning out manifestational reality by coalescing energy from patterns of thought. The "reality" is we do not "know" what comes first . . . but we are running full tilt towards understanding.

Tateru Nino

I just can't wait until this is available to *everyone* who has an fMRI machine at home! ;)

Arcadia Codesmith

No home MRI yet... but we do have EEG headset toys available at under $100, with the chip producer claiming they have a sensitivity comparable to medical/research units.

They probably won't be the next big wave in toy interface technology because, as it turns out, about half the population is too dumb to control their own brainwaves. Wetware failure.

BUT it does demonstrate that technologies you never thought would get to the consumer market sometimes do. I don't expect MRI in a box anytime soon, but I wouldn't be surprised by the emergence of another imaging technology that would lend itself to mass production.

If they're smart, they'll build it into a pair of designer sunglasses or a stylish cap.

Recka Wuyts

I think a bit of computer enhancement via something like Second Life might clear things up, help us focus our desires. Many of us will want to be someplace, not just floating in our thoughts, drifting about in the clutter of memories and conceptual nightmares that lurk undetected in the dark tunnels of our minds. Well most of us, I don't know about Hamlet, he has a reputation; "...whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer..."

Ananda Sandgrain

You know what struck me when watching the actual video is that "mind movies" is really a poor description or metaphor for what really was going on there! That was amazing to watch. If you look closely you see that it's not a movie at all - it's a rapid-fire, continuous reality-model construction with endless associative images - similar but not quite the same as the picture being viewed - swapped into place as if to compare them to the real image.

As I mentioned on your Plurk, I don't really know how useful this would be for creating a virtual reality game, where we depend on *some* measure of stability of the model. And the equipment needed to do this sort of thing is still vastly too expensive to expect casual consumer use anytime soon. Instead what this shows is a potential tool that might give vast insight into how people really think, what sort of mental realities they really live in. This could be quite useful in therapy but also is a potential power over not just our public lives but our most private thoughts, and its application needs to be watched closely for such abuses of power.

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