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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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Adeon Writer

Way to go guys!

Vanadis Falconer

Horrible idéa! Why in.(......censored........) shell we users pay someone to do what Linden Lab should have done?????
-I can´t find words enough........

Seymore Steamweaver

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Linden Lab, even with all the work done by Q, is under no obligation at all to feed his code into their own, right?

So there is a possibility, though variably a small one I'm sure, that these people have wasted their money?

Metacam Oh

oh no Seymore, that possibility is quite high.

Nickola Martynov

Even if the Lab chooses to not include the patch, The TPVs out there will snap it up. The patch will also give a big boost to the mesh implementation plans of other grids.

I don't see a problem here.

sirhc desantis

This is going to be interesting to watch to say the least. I have no doubt that this is going to be done and done well too, the fun will start if and when the various viewer makers decide to implement. Like the current mesh rollout, only even more entertaining :) Think I'll hold off as yet on those new boots I've been promising myself for, oh, the past three years.

Ehrman Digfoot

way to go everyone!!!

maxwell graf

Most of the TPV's will be implementing the code (and hopefully taking it in additional directions) as will some of the open sim grids. On a positive note, LL has stated that barring them coming up with a better solution in the mean time (which does not seem very likely) they are willing to implement the code into official releases if the contributor agreement is signed, which Karl has agreed to do. Nobody's money is being wasted.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Given the lag with the latest LL Viewer 2 release, I switched to Firestorm's Mesh Beta.

It rocks, but issues that are part and parcel of LL's grid persist.

Perhaps LL should simply stop trying to develop a viewer and work on things no one else can do: making server-side changes to physics, sim-crossings, and the like, while endorsing a couple of TPVs as "preferred" viewers?

Shug Maitland

Understand, the contract with Quarl calls for an unadjustable single layer deformer. There is more work to do so your mesh jacket can overlap your mesh pants properly.


It would be more sane to make the TPVs supporting more than one alpha layer, imo.
While a wrapper might make alphas less required for mesh clothing, I still see issues: To make alpha layers absolutely un-needed, it would require the meshes move with the jiggling avatar-physics - a potential overkill performance wise.

While the deformer is nice at all, it will of course kill every 'custom fitting' business in world.

Leslie Adams

WTG guys. Nice job. Once more we show LL that we count, even if they don't use what is fixed. Happened with V2, now Mesh

foneco zuzu

And I have to agree that much better if the Lab really focus in what it important, making server-side changes to physics, sim-crossings and making sure the sims can work.

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