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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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Masha Eilde

There IS a way to save both the prisoners and the scientists but it requires time to move some crates or the jumping upgrade :)

Hamlet Au

Wow really? Can you explain with a SPOILER WARNING up front?


In the central room there's a vent on the ground floor, west side, that has a large crate covering it. After getting the message from your contact, instead of pressing a button to vent, run out of the control room and head to the vent. Once inside, there's a pipe you can use to jump up. Go through there, and you'll be in a maintenance room. There's a pipe with the gas flowing through; put a bullet in it, and everyone lives. As a bonus, you'll get an achievement and two weapon mods. Hope that helps!

Dizzy Banjo

Great! Now even more is on my list of games to catch up with! ;-)

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