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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


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Shug Maitland

The limited time sale issue is a bit of a no win trap ---- Whose "day"? Since there are SL residents in all RL time zones it is best to leave items at the sale price for some hours before and after the stated time.

rawst berry

I think Iris was too soft on the last one. Do you charge for recolors? If not, tell the customer that due to being overwhelmed with too much work that there is now a fee for it, and make the fee a high one that makes it worth your time. Or just say no, you have no time for it. Sounds to me like she's taking advantage of your kindness, so I probably wouldn't give her one more.

Oriella Charik

I have a friend who enjoys bargaining and getting a 'good deal' in RL and she behaves the same in SL, even though it's over real cents rather than dollars. Most shop owners take this in good spirit as roleplay, and they, as in RL, are the ones that get repeat customers!
Really I think the same retailing rules apply in both worlds, despite the topsy turvyness of beds costing more than houses etc. You can for example stack high and sell cheap or provide good after sales service at a premium in both.

Arcadia Codesmith

I would always charge a premium for a custom piece, even if it's a relatively simple mod. One-of-a-kind items may be the only true luxury good in a world where materials are endless and the cost of reproduction miniscule.

Eleri Ethaniel

I'm wondering if making some sort of one time use Customize Token and selling those would be useful. Love the style of a shirt, but want it in blue, not green? Buy the shirt, buy a customize token, return both to the creator, get the blue shirt back.

Ananda Sandgrain

If the clothing was sold with modify rights, the customer could tint it the way they like... *ducks*

Virtual Clover

Speaking of mod/copy/trans rights and permissions, between creator vs consumer who pays real money to creator for virtual (not real) stuff...if the consumers turned around and handed off their Lindens to purchase a no perms item and then demanded that creator likewise has no permission to use those Lindens to make more Lindens, has no permission to trade or give away those Lindens to anyone else, and has no permission whatsoever to modify those Lindens into real USD/Euros, how long before the content creators recognized the glitch in their no perm "whining entitled customer" logic...

Real cash for virtual goods should always be full perm. I can't trade in that nifty Steampunk dress for a real Steampunk dress the way content creators can trade in my virtual Lindens for real cash...so if it's not good for us, why should they take our money and provide nothing of actual value?

*doesn't duck...I aint scared* ;-p

Sileny Noel

"Real cash for virtual goods should always be full perm...why should they take our money and provide nothing of actual value?"

Why should someone work for hours, days or weeks just to sell to someone who can turn around and sell unlimited copies? The RL vs. SL argument really doesn't work there. I do, however, know a lot of creators that will provide a trans/no copy version in lieu of a no trans version, which is a more real life sort of option, in my opinion (though I myself prefer copy/mod/no trans permissions on almost everything.)

Chandni Khondji

Uhm... RL stuff you buy is *not* full perm. I would be happy if someone would automatically copy itself before i give it away though *lol* And there always is a way to get Non Copy but Transferable items from the creators, sometimes one only has to ask. But with SL's instability and server problems the more common copy version is much more useful when the item you sent/rezzed just vanished, you still have a backup.

Airedine Poe

Really great post, Iris!

I have to say, though, that I'm a bit agog at VC's reply, for a few reasons. Chandi and Sileny have covered most of it, but I'd like to add a further clarification.

I, as a designer, hold intellectual propery rights to everything that I upload into SL, thusly I can set permissions on what I sell. Conversely, Linden Lab holds the rights to the Linden Dollar, and so (short of ethically, and filing an abuse report) the spender of L$ has no right to tell the recipient how they may or may not spend it.

Now: about not having value. You're not paying for pixels. You're paying for the designer's time, as well as their cumulative experience that has brought them to this point in their expertise. If you want an item that you can 'trade up', as Sileny and Chandi have said, ask the creator for a no copy/trans version of the item before purchasing. There are some groups dedicated to swapping / yard sales. That being said- even if you don't have a version you can pass along or sell (just the one, mind. IRL, if you sell your Tshirt, you don't come home the next day to find another tee in your drawer, ready to sell again) the item still has value. You could wear it to blog, or go to a club and win prizes. You could get simple enjoyment out of wearing it.
And really, there's the best bang for your buck right there.

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