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Thursday, October 13, 2011


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Missy Restless

Great job Iris! In my opinion your SL-based Tallis is far superior. I'll tweet this URL @feliciaday and maybe she'll notice :)

Damien Fate

Looks great! Definitely better than the in-game version.


Goofy look on her face, looks like she's fallen victim to the newbie "Joker face" mistake. Turn down the mouth corners a little bit.

Other than that, perfect!

foneco zuzu

Nice work,;)


Keep the mouth corners as they are; they're just fine.

Whatever you do, do NOT put the mouth corners "down". I swear every avatar in second life is running around with that fugly "pout" look on their faces.


Anonymous is right, corners down TOO MUCH is bad too. A happy medium between the "fugly pout" and the "joker face" is best.

Fantastic work overall and congratulations on getting it featured at Kotaku.


Found this post while googling for a mod to fix her face. I'm about 20 minutes into the DLC, and can not stand the way her character looks. Absolutely agree that Bioware has dropped the ball on her cosmetics, it's quite simply a distraction with just how ugly she is in game. Felicia Day definitely deserves a better treatment from their art team.

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