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Thursday, October 20, 2011


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Ciaran Laval

Hmmm I'd hold your horses, there was a story on Mashable yesterday with a headline like this where it turned out no such thing had been said.

I would join Google + if pseudonyms were allowed but I think this may be getting to a chinese whispers stage.

Hamlet Au

ReadWriteWeb along with many other sources also reported it:


But more importantly, Gundotra announced that "we plan to support pseudonyms in the future," a surprising turnaround of the terse dismissals of user identity advocates in the past.

Adeon Writer

My pseudonymous account will continue to sit there unused, waiting for a time when I'm told I can use it freely.

Ananda Sandgrain

This sounds like a good reason for optimism to take an uptick, but haven't you already reported here a month or so ago that Google was working on a way to let people display pseudonyms? I'd hope people don't think this is a good thing until we find out:

1. Will Google itself still demand to know your real name, regardless of what your display name is.
2. Will Google still make a habit of disabling a bunch of the rest of your services, just because someone doesn't like your G+ account.

shockwave yareach

I would have no problem identifying myself to Google when I create the account. But I'll be boiled in spam drippings before I tell all the thieves, HR people, bosses, coworkers, advertisers, priests and political crumbs of the world what I do for fun on my own time and on my own dime. Either let me pick what name I go by for each different circle with my real name hidden, or don't expect me to waste any time on Google+.


Ananda Sandgrain said: "1. Will Google itself still demand to know your real name, regardless of what your display name is."

While I wouldn't rule this out completely, it seems unlikely. Google has already invested in a specific rationale for demanding real names, namely to facilitate interaction between users. This leaves them without a need to know your real name when all you choose to show the public is a pseudonym.

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