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Thursday, October 13, 2011


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Harper Ganesvoort

I find it interesting -- and potentially even disturbing -- that the advertising is getting more and more like what you'll find in RL. Is the era of Mad Men really coming to Second Life? Are we going to need to build a Madison Avenue sim for them to put their office skyboxes in? Will the firms start stacking on top of each other to the limits of the SL stratosphere?

foneco zuzu

Avatars without emotions, no tears, no laughs nothing but just dolls:)
No way im gojnd to use meshes on my body if that takes out my facial emotes.

foneco zuzu

Still meshes for boots are lovely and the movie is pretty impressive!
But i really hope LL will still focus on the use of meshes for building and not for fashion!

Valentina Kendal

someone needs to invest in a Space Navigator...

Fierceness Personified

Love the ad!

As for the comments, its like a layered cake of ignorance and stupidity topped with frosting that expired in 2007.

Elie Spot

Thank you so much for featuring this commercial! I am so flattered!

Harper - I'm sure there is nothing to worry about, I have been seeing commercials and ads like this in SL long before Mad Men! This particular one was made by myself, I wasn't aware that there were firms in SL that did commercials! That is interesting! This was just a little solo project to feature the new boots :)

Foneco - Thank you! <3

Valentina - the camera shake in the second part of the video was intentional to try to achieve a retro super 8 feel :)

Thank you so much again! It is really an honor to have my video mentioned here!

- Elie Spot

Elie Spot

Fierceness - Thank you! <3

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