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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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Rin Tae

With SL being a social media in itself it is no wonder that such events also happen in it. And with it being a 3D world it is also not to wonder that people gather in the way only such a world can offer.

After all it is impossible to occupy wall streat in facebook and the part about getting to knew all sorts of people in different parts of the world is the most important thing. Discussions happen here as well as on any other social site and when it also involves letting your avi wave some signs then so be it. If people could do it on facebook then I am sure they would too.

And what is the internet if not just another place where all the things happen that we all do in real life. It is our real life and as such it can not (and should not) stand out as something where such a protest can not happen because it is 'only virtual'

Most of the worlds economy and information has become 'virtual' a long time ago so the internet is as much a place to be occupied as the actual Wall Street.

So SL, being part of it, is a very legitimate palce to do such things on it.

Scylla Rhiadra

Thanks for posting this, Hamlet!

Dialogue and discussion is what Occupy Wall Street is all about -- and it is also the focus of Occupy Second Life. The SL organizers of these events have done a wonderful job to ensure that diverse voices are being heard, and different perspectives addressed.

To suggest, as some have, that activism in Second Life "accomplishes" nothing is to miss the point: the accomplishment in question is precisely the public discourse that is being generated by events such as this. And, as Rin Tae points out above, Second Life is as valid and effective a venue for such discussions as anywhere else.

Everyone is welcome to these events because everyone's voice is valuable, and everyone's perspective valid. Join in, and be part of the collective articulation of the 99% as try to shed some light on the injustices of our current political, economic, and social system!

Plot Tracer

Protest and solidarity with RL protests have been part of SL's history. The loose Left Unity (SL Left Unity) movement have been key to these protests and demonstrations (a history can be found on our site - http://www.slleftunity.com and on my site http://plotsplot.blogspot.com

Superb to see SLLU as a key component of the occupySL movement - we are a small part of the 99%.

Well done for bringing these discussions to people who use SL.

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