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Friday, October 07, 2011


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Cinder Roxley

he's actually not the only linden with another animal plush besides a bear. JP Linden has a crab ( http://www.koinup.com/cinderblocks/work/364622/ ) Gez Linden has an evil escaping monkey ( http://www.koinup.com/cinderblocks/work/364418/ )


Its true Second life makes you gay

Wizard Gynoid

it's not a rainbow pony. it's a sparkle pony! click on it and it sparkle particles. :D I WANT ONE @rodvik!

Ciaran Laval

I've got one! I was rather surprised when it arrived.

Senban Babii

/me smugly doesn't point out just who started the trend of asking Rodvik for his bear on his profile page

Actually Hamlet it's worth pointing out also that the bearpony seems to come in two colours (so far). The one you show here and a dark pink version.


Now send me your bear for my collection, do it now, do it :D

Allen Kerensky

As a pink tart avatar in SL myself, I have to say I approve of a CEO who can flaunt/sport a blazing pink rainbowified pwnie as a personal totem or mascot. +1 for the sparkles. Now if we can just get rodvik into a game of D20 My Little Pwnies...

Adeon Writer

I must have this.

I will be at some serious office hour and ask a question only to suffix it with "Also can I have a pony?"

Viv Trafalgar

I think the sparkle pwnie is great. It shows Rodvik gets SL as an innovation platform. The University of Western Australia in SL seems to think so too.

Your headline, however, Hamlet...

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Rod, you scamp.

I read this as a sly poke at we whiny SLers, who keep saying, essentially...

"WAAAAAAH! I want a pony! Where's my F'ing pony?"

Howdy Viv :)

Harper Ganesvoort

Dang! Someone beat me out to "My Little Pwnie"!

In another direction, though, Ignatius just above me may have a point. Some of the whinier Residents may wish to consider...long and hard....

Inara Pey

If anyone deserves the credit for this, it's Sling Trebuchet, who started a round robin on the subject of Ponies on Twitter a goodly while back, and which Rodvik good-naturedly joined in. A number of us made increasingly silly suggestions as to what it should (and shouldn't!) be...and Rodvik duly obliged!

I received my pony about two weeks ago, and it's good to see they are getting wider recognition, although sad to say mine is tucked away in my Inventory most of the time.


Rodvik's pony bear is a blatant attempt by LL's PR department to schmooze the pony community after Soft Linden tried to hijack the Bronies group from its rightful owners, where he banned its founder and several owners but was unable to wrest control of the group entirely. This is referred to among bronies as "the ponypocalypse" because it coincided with LL taking down the two main pony sims for no valid reason and refusing to refund or unban their owner, who is a major Hollywood movie studio head. So the pony bear is one more example of LL trying to run damage control after they stuck their member in the meat grinder.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Oh stop it, IntLibber. You just want your own little pwnie too.

"Soft Linden tried to hijack the Bronies group from its rightful owners...This is referred to among bronies as 'the ponypocalypse' because it coincided with LL taking down the two main pony sims for no valid reason"

Dear God. Imagine saying that anywhere else, then adding "I am talking about a software company with millions of dollars in annual income."

Sometimes in SL, we are like a bunch of bald men fighting over a comb.

Tip of the hat to Borges for that image.

Bear? Pony? Pah. I want a Linden Cthulhu.


Philip himself admitted when some people visited him at his coffee shop during SLCC that the people at LL have "no clue where to take the platform" (quoting him directly) and are desperate for new growth channels. Taking control of the My Little Pony group "Bronies", which grew to over 3000 members in less than two months, seemed to them to be a hot and hip way to reach the teen audience where LL desperately needs more users. I saw it, Soft Linden DID try to hijack the group, and everybody else in the Bronies leadership knows it, just ask them.

Canoro Philipp

i did not admit anything, and i dont have a coffee shop.

Ferd Frederix

Who has a pic of Philips bear? I didn't think he had one because the official wiki does not show it:.

Here is the link to all known Linden bears:


Hamlet Au

"Philip himself admitted when some people visited him at his coffee shop during SLCC"



The linden bears of Philip, M, rodvik & governor Linden are all together here http://slurl.com/secondlife/UWA/77/126/248

photo of them all together here:


Talk to Rembrandt Flux, Twinkie Swizzle, and MC Fizgig (oh but they're banned and disappeared by the LL gestapo, so you need to know who they are RL), they were there.

Hamlet Au

If they're willing to attach their real life names to their assertions -- since they're serious assertions with serious real life consequences -- I'll think about it. By the way, what's your RL name again?


IntLibber = Mike Lorrey
Rembrandt = Brent Baum, Destination Pictures cofounder
MC Fizgig = Dr. Edward Clift, Dean, Woodbury U.

We are Intelligentsia, LLC

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