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Monday, October 10, 2011


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Such a great addition... we've needed something like this for a while now. I don't know what happened to SLim either, but it would be good to see that make a come back as well :)

Orca Flotta

Personally I don't have use or see the sense of this application. Terrible waste of manpower they should better spend in maintaining the grid and make it usable again.
When I'm not inworld I kinda do not exist as Orca Flotta, so I have no reason to socialize with other avatars.

Canoro Philipp

it will be of great help to the ones who needed and were expecting this for a long time, when they couldnt log in and needed to communicate with someone in world, to take care of business or let them know why they cant come inworld. we dont have to be uncommunicated anymore because we cant log in.


Nice, I hope the next step will be that we will be able to read notecards - or other group notice attachments, like texture photos - offworld (I hate to login just to read my group notice notecards quickly).

foneco zuzu

Yes that would be much more useful then this:)
If the only times im not in world are the times at work, where firewall does not let access Second life, why i have to bother lol!
But being able to see the attachments when i receive the notices on my email, well the would be truly remarkable!

Timo Gufler

Nice feature, but I just wonder, if these messages can be read in-world too... Also, a normal mailbox is more convinient for offline communication, because you can use your email software in your mobile phone too. For contacting those, whose email addresses are not know for you, this sounds like a great new tool. I just hope, the message won't cap as easily as regular IMs...


is it possible to have with this feature an IM conversation with someone who is logged in?
(else this feature would be useless)


well, I just tried it. One just gets a link inworld to the webpage with the message.
So ... pretty much totally useless .... sigh

and its not even possible to have an IM-like / messenger-like conversation on the webpage ... one always has to switch between 'Inbox' and 'New Message' ... what a crap (sorry, but it is)


What is needed is a web interface to the message app in-world. So, a message from the web site appears as an IM in-world that a user can reply to, and vice-versa.

desdemona enfield

Just what I always needed.. yet another place where random people on the internet can pop up another notification distraction when I am working or whatever in second life.


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