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Monday, November 28, 2011


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Nahasa Singh

I wish Seifert could make a RL bath Menger sponge.. I'd buy one.

Seifert Surface

I should mention that the cube isn't strong enough to hold hair in place by itself, it's more of a decorative item.

Nyoko Salome

ooo oooo ooooooooo.... ;0 tickles my eyes and brain at the same time. love it!! :))

Hitomi Tiponi

Love fractals - that will make a nice Christmas present.

Hiro Pendragon

Would it be so difficult to call it "physical world" instead of "real life" or "RL"?

By contrasting "SL" with "RL" we create a false impression that virtual worlds are not part of the "real world".

Kimberly Rufer-Bach

Henry, so glad to see your mathy goodness is still available to make geometry more accessible to non-math-brained people like me. :)

Hiro, "physical world" is a lot longer to type or say than "RL". Concern about this terminology seems to be unnecessary when mainstream folks already know all about paying to plant virtual crops on their phones. Heck, I even gave up wailing, "It's not a game," when the Serious Games crowd legitimized the terminology. I can't remember the last time I had difficulty explaining SL to someone. Times have changed and there are new and more important battles to fight, in my opinion.

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