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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


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Looks interesting.. :)

Mike McKay

Will it be made available for Android?

Dizzy Banjo

Thanks very much to Hamlet for this piece, we have had a huge response for invites.

Unfortunately we can't give invites to everyone, but those who didn't make it in to the beta might like to follow @rjdj on Twitter. We may be announcing possible future beta rounds before launch there..

Sadly developing a project like Dimensions for Android is a very substantial task and is unlikely to happen in the near future. Of course, if we observe significant user traction on iOS and a big demand for it on Android we will review the situation.

The main issues are that the Android ecosystem supports a very wide range of devices and versions of the operating system with significantly different hardware and software capabilities. This is a problem for all types of apps, but is more of a problem for Dimensions because it uses so many sensors on the device which need very fine calibration. As I said, I hope we get into the situation where the workload to do this would be proportional to the demand for the app on that platform.

games consoles

will be bookmarking, brilliant!

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