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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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ColeMarie Soleil

My favorite for reason Ö

Luke Connell

Certainly is a good one.

Eliza Wierwight

Absolutely phenomenal work, I see a break with what's 'expected' and just enough tangible RL cue's in this piece to make it significant to a broader audience. The message itself is of incredible importance. Bravo and seriously well done to all involved.

You rock.

Karla Shepherd

This is incredible work. I can't believe this was made in SecondLife.

Absolutely stunning BoBE.

Senban Babii

Regarding the Einstein avatar. Really? As well-made as it clearly is and congratulations to those who created it, if someone hadn't pointed out that it was supposed to be Albert Einstein I wouldn't have known. In what way does it reflect the well-known image associated with Albert Einstein?

On the whole though, great job on the video :)


Beautiful video. Especially the sound design. So many people forget the importance of sound.

One question. The Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada is located in Toronto, Canada. So why does the pull back shot at 1:16 show the lab located in San Franciso? ;)

zuzu P

lol big edit-wellies!

Adeon Writer

Amazing! Great job, and a great twist on Einstein's image too.

Just Be

Is the creation of an avatar representing a Real Life person (also if passed) allowed by ToS, in case of good causes?

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