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Monday, November 14, 2011


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Lawrence Navarathna

I agree, the latest V3 is a much needed step in the right direction :)

Isabeal Jupiter

Too bad it's not plurkable.

Ann Otoole InSL

I would still like to have my twitter feed as a sort of group in SL. But twitter no longer allows such things so it is a dream lost.

Winter Jefferson

For the love of any god Hamlet, PLEASE unpack your AO!!!

Hitomi Tiponi

Hamlet - roll back your Nvidia driver to one made before October 2010 - that is what most of us have done.

Runitai Linden's shining-fixes are just going through QA - and that should mean the latest Nvidia drivers will work fine with SL soon.


Hey Hamlet,

I have the same laptop - we chatted some time back. Here's a question. In the Nvidia control panel, we can choose which graphics card runs which programs. Maybe try setting the SL viewer to only Intel graphics and see what happens? I know it defeats the purpose of the Alienware powerhouse but maybe it becomes workable?


Am I doing something wrong? I can no longer use the mouse to look up and down. When I left click and hold on my avatar I can only look left and right. This is awful.


Also just noticed that movement is just the opposite of what it used to be. Now when I click/hold and drag the mouse to the left my avatar starts turning right.

Hamlet Au

"For the love of any god Hamlet, PLEASE unpack your AO!!!"

I'll do that when it's easy to do!

"Hamlet - roll back your Nvidia driver to one made before October 2010"

I'll do that when I also need to do that for next gen games on Steam!

Arcadia Codesmith

I caved in and loaded Phoenix. Call me when the official release is out of open beta.


"For the love of any god Hamlet, PLEASE unpack your AO!!!" ... and i might add ... update your av to at least 2010 >.<

Hamlet Au

I'll update my avatar when updating my avatar is fast, easy, and fun, just like I was promised last year. After 8 years in SL, I'm totally burnt out on finessing shit that should have been fixed 7 years ago.


Wait, so, the standard LL viewer DIDN'T have mouse-over description bubbles? Who removed that O_o I rarely use LL viewers, so I'm rather stunned to hear they've 'brought it back'.

As well, click-to-move isn't desirable by default - It's a nice option, but wrecks combat systems in SL and after so many years, I'm still not surprised they made it the default (though I -AM- surprised they made it change-able too, that's unusual).

There's nothing in SL I want to share with anyone IRL, and it still gets weird looks by people who dunno what it is really.

Ananda Sandgrain

Gah, this really went past my rage limit.

For God's sake, Mr. Au, it's not that hard to use arrow keys to move! Point-and-click is for 2D flash games, if you were going to yell about something for years, couldn't you have advocated for real MMO-style mouse movement? It's pointless and stupid in a fully 3D environment.

And second, your AO excuse is pretty thin, you've been around for 8 years and you still haven't learned? 1. Buy AO 2. Wear it 3. Press HUD button so it's green. That's it. Pretending it's hard at this point has to be taken as some weird political protest like my Dad refusing to cut his hair till everyone comes back from Afganistan, only he's bald so no one even notices the remaining hair is long.

Hamlet Au

"Point-and-click is for 2D flash games"

It's also for, say, World of Warcraft and Sims 3. I.E., popular 3D games.

I did have an animation override on my avatar, actually. And then an update removed the AO. And it disappeared into my inventory. And then trying to look into my inventory to find it was a laggy, boring, user-unfriendly slog. And at which point I said Fuck This.

Ananda Sandgrain

Sims 3 is not a 3D game. Point-and-click is not in WoW, it has click-and-hold mouse movement, where you can maneuver your character by holding down both mouse buttons. This might be a really cool addition to SL.

Excuses Excuses

C'mon Hamlet.

Be a big sport, spend one L and get a new Male AO.


Hamlet Au

Ananda, WoW does indeed have point and click, we've gone over this topic before (read the comments):


And Sims 2 and 3 indeed have 3D graphics. Not fully unconstrained 3D in all aspects of gameplay (then again, that's also true of WoW) but lots of it is 3D. Watch a random YouTube clip if you don't believe me:


Mitch Wagner

It still won't run on my 2010 MacBook Pro. Which is a sign of LL's amateurish management, because that's a popular notebook.

Driving games

It's amazing to see people get into casual gaming, I know that slowly, some of them will graduate into the bigger more significant games, that will probably change them :)

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