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Thursday, November 17, 2011


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Nexii Malthus

I agree those are some really good points.

But I honestly believe that's just mostly from most game developers lagging behind the curve on modern game design due to lack of research, knowledge and education.

It's a direction that gaming has been set to be taking many years ago.

Skyrim is up there as one of the few games developing the state of the art along with Dwarf Fortress. A certain "Quality Without A Name".

Tateru Nino

The four-point comparison works just as well if you insert the words "real life", or "Tunisia".

I find the mention of Second Life in the context of Skyrim - or actually with respect to these four points - to be questionable at best.

Aliasi Stonebender

I don't, Tateru, although I wouldn't have used those four points. Certainly, Skyrim is like SL in that it doesn't do much holding of your hand; while it's further along in the "game" spectrum aside from the basics established after the tutorial it's pretty much "go do what you like", as unlike Oblivion the main quest has no particular sense of urgency.

Arcadia Codesmith

Skyrim sounds absolutely incredible. Let me know when they come out with a massively multiplayer version and I'll give it a spin.

It's not that I never play single-player games, but only on a casual basis (or to tear them apart and do a forensic on the pieces). If I'm diving to the depth you're describing, I want it to be in a shared world.

Orca Flotta

Okay, 4 points that make Skyrim comparable with SL ... and Tunisia :)

What about the roundabout 3 mio points that make it absolutely NOT comparable?

What about the basic fact they recruit their user base in large parts from a totally different demography?

What about the one-dimensional focus of Skyrim, which is in no way comparable to SL's multifaceted approach?

It's ok to compare VW's with VW's or even the Sims. But comparing any VW with a singleplayer game (even if it's playing in a wonderful world) is not. Careful, Iris, not to follow Hamlet on his wrong (war)path. He has some beef with LL, you too?


anyone want my L$2?

the difference here is complexity. how big is the skyrim dev team? 20 people? 40? 80? working for three years, say? so 240 man years?

now, how many man years are in SL?

mark c

"I find the mention of Second Life in the context of Skyrim -or actually with respect to these four points - to be questionable at best"

Yes, it's definitely questionable that SL has user-generated content. Or open-ended goals, or that different users have very different experiences. High-quality comment there.

mark c

"It's ok to compare VW's with VW's or even the Sims. But comparing any VW with a singleplayer game (even if it's playing in a wonderful world) is not."

Last I checked, it's a free Internet, unless you live in China. What's up with the general cluelessness of the comments here?

Pussycat catnap

"Okay, 4 points that make Skyrim comparable with SL ... and Tunisia :)"

Or toast.

These are 4 great reasons why sliced toast is a better virtual world than Second Life, or at least, after people get on my case for such a bad analogy, in my new blog entry, a lot like Second Life. ;)

Keep the Pac-Man blogs to the Pac-Man blogs. Or at least admit you're not posting about SL when you start posting about the latest version of Pac-Man.

Nexii Malthus

Technically, there is user generated content, a surprising lot in fact.

It's a shared singeplayer virtual world. Odd right? Have you seen how incredibly massive the skyrim modding community was right from start day one?

I got a few mods in my game right now.

Last I checked, the SDK still isn't even released and people are jumping on doing such things.

Nexii Malthus

(The above was @ qarl, assuming he was talking about it being a one-shot pony of sorts, I'll counter that the modding community will be adding many years of development beyond the initial phase)

Orca Flotta

@ Mark C: What are you trying to say? The internet is free so Hamlet and Iris can make the boldest wrong assumptions but "clueless" commentators must shut up? Clueless like Quarl? Puh-leeze.

Tatum Lisle

"...doesn't care if you're good or evil, much like real life ...the citizens of Skyrim only care if it affects their lives directly". Wow, big statement! Where does that leave politicians, ethicists, environmentalists, charity workers, amnesty international activists, those who fight and die for their principles..etc? I'd say not, on the whole, spending much time playing MMORPGs

cube republic

Reason 5: the graphics are rubbish


If Skyrim has a virtual content marketplace, I'll probably be an immigrant creator there.

shockwave yareach

Hey, I have a backstory about Xevious. And the people I'm shooting and bombing don't care what my backstory is, either. There's also the whole world there to explore, so long as I can get to it -- I love watching the Nazca lines pass by.

So by your logic, a 2D shoot em up from 1983 is a Virtual World!

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