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Thursday, November 10, 2011


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Thank you for posting the link to that dramastorm. Whew! I haven't decided if I'm glad I hardly ever use voice, or if I wish I used it more often now.

Arwyn Quandry

Thanks for posting this, Iris! I've found that there's a lot less voice chat since I came over to the Main Grid. On the Teen Grid it was near constant, everyone voice chatted and blaring music over it was commonplace. Sometimes I actually like hearing people talking on it in public, I find it interesting in a voyeuristic type of way. Other times, no thanks.


Of the several aspects of Voice that I find annoying the biggest one is that Voice users frequently forget that Chat-only users are present. I'll be at an event or a meeting, listening diligently, but when I type in my two-cents-worth it is often ignored. The Voice users stop looking at the Second Life screen. I'm an RL mute and I communicate via American Sign Language or by writing on my iPad/iPod in RL. I might as well be doing the same in Second Life.

Orca Flotta

Voice was the worst "invention" ever brought into SL. Not only does it eat bandwith and takes the magic out of SL, no, it creates problems and drama since many voicers are incredibly unfriendly and intolerant. Same goes for watching TV while playing in SL. No wonder the same people are trying to explain their various slip-ups with the simple excuse they're suffering from ADHD. Now think twice and find out how come you became a ADHD in the first place.

rawst berry

Uccello, that is depressing. I am not deaf, but I notice the exact same thing as you. I keep voice off because I find it annoying, and half the time when I do have it on people's mics are so crappy that what they say is unintelligible. People who use voice ignore everyone on local chat. Even if they can see you don't have a dot over your head, they will prattle on and no one bothers to inform you there's talking over voice. I find this extremely rude, but no one else I've met sees a problem with it or they deny it.

when this happens to me, I just leave. I know it doesn't bother them any; they ignore me when I'm around, so what's it to them if I'm gone? But I'd rather be alone than surrounded by idiots.

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