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Tuesday, November 08, 2011


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Ignatius Onomatpoeia

Dean Wormood: Ah, Professor Lag! Good to see you again!

Lag: Thank you sir. Now after last week...

Dean: Oh, tut tut young man. That was the wrong list! I'm pleased to write a letter in support of your grant application for Second World...

Lag: Life, sir, Life.

Dean: Great. Would you like some sushi?


Headline is pretty misleading. Should really be Top 20 Most Visited PG-Rated sims'. Most of the listed are pretty poor when it comes to a sense of community.

Arcadia Codesmith

Fine. The clean list. The Canterbury Tales, as presented by Nickelodean.

Looks like a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces removed.


Some of the PG regions listed have horrible problems with lag. It isn't clear what the average is meauring (number of unique avatars per day?) but I would not want to visit any SL region with more concurrent visitors than Help Island. Excessive traffic with an overload of scripts, animations and noob gestures doesn't seem like much of an attraction.


truth hair!!!! that makes him probably one of the top earners in SL.

Kate Miranda

Just like to add that Music Island at Sea Turtle Island became a PG rated sim about 6 months ago to allow educators to bring students to performances. http://tinyurl.com/3drkgv3 Listings of events are at: http://musicisland.spruz.com

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