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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


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Nexii Malthus

Thinking of signing up as well, but it doesn't let me it seems. Asking me to have an account on facebook, twitter or linked in, all of which I have abandoned.

Where's the G+ option?

Nexii Malthus

Oh hey Hamlet.

Jo actually has got you /twice/, there goes your 20 minutes!


Emerald Wynn

Haha! Awesome! I put my RL profile up and a guy has already bid on 10 minutes of my time. Shoot - I'M SHY! I think it's going to be strange and interesting, particularly since I put "Golden Girls reruns" as my area of specialty. (Oops.)

If the site takes off, it's going to be a good tool for business networking. And I'm waiting for them to make a "hot guy" section on the site and change "10 minutes" to "a hot night on the town."

Jo yardley

I invited Wagner to join but he joined with another account or something.
Hence the double bidding.
They should combine double accounts :0

Saffia Widdershins

It seems that one of the nonprofits you can donate to is Virtual Ability, which would certainly make it worthwhile signing up for - if this is the Virtual Ability that exists inworld.


... (thinking thoroughly, then distillates the essence:)

Is Sextan Shepherd registered on AllThis?

Dizzy Banjo

this is quite a funny service.. but I kinda like the idea, I'm still trying to think about a charity to donate the vast sum to.. ah Virtual Ability sounds good

Kit Jordan

I'm a fashion blogger and I'd definitely pay for to consult with the top bloggers (Strawberry Singh, Luna Jubilee, etc.) & ask them questions I have about improving my blog/photography.


It's pathetic ... pay to have an advice ... but why not, some people pay for sex why not for a conversation ...

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