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Thursday, December 08, 2011


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I agree with the bit about the Gorean-themed banner. Gorean SL has some beautiful sims but this banner does give the impression that Gor is like Disney's Aladdin.
If you're keeping publicity PG, you can't make an exception for Gorean areas just because they're attractive and exotic.
Unwary newbies might decide to pay a visit and then wonder why their PG-rated avatar can't get in!

Arwyn Quandry

I don't have issues with Gor and their displaying it so much as how they're displaying it. They clearly messed up their understanding of it as that woman is wearing a facial veil and is in slutty clothing, posed like a slave would be.

Any self-respecting Gorean knows that Free Woman don't wear those kinds of clothing, and slaves don't wear veils, so even to the community they're targeting, they're screwing up their message in a laughable way which even a newbie to Gor would see. If they want to show a subculture, they need to do research on it first.


Actually though it's not true that all Gorean RP is based on sex, it is considered adult roleplay in general and I do agree with that, but anyone that believes that Gorean RP is all about sex is severely misinformed. Of course RP is interpreted differently by different people according to their knowledge or intention. As for slaves wearing veils, in the books there are several instances of veils being worn by slaves. Here is one example:
"From one side a slave girl, barefoot, bangled, in sashed, diaphanous, trousered chalwar, gathered at the ankle, its tight, red-silk vest, with bare midriff, fled to him, with the tall, graceful, silvered pot containing the black wine. She was veiled. She knelt, replenishing the drink. Beneath her veil, I saw the metal of her collar." Tribesman of Gor page 88
So I think more research is definitely called for.

Pussycat Catnap

One of my never-ending frustrations with the SL RP community is the lack of any middle ground between 'Medieval European Fantasy' and 'Gorean slave fantasy'.

Everytime I see the stuff, I think of 'what of anywhere other than Europe as a basis?' or 'what of the vast array of the fantasy genre that isn't about the middle ages?' or 'what about any form of eros that isn't about slavery or control/domination of one gender by the other?'


Putting Gor on a slideshow advert isn't so wise. But the image above doesn't seem Gorean to me. It just violates way too many of the 'rules cards' I've read in the landing zones of Gorean sims...

That image actually does look like 'Aladin, after visiting Conan's hairstylist, hangs out with bellydancer GF and the family dogs.'

- Its only crime to me is that no such RP exists in SL unless you go to a Gorean sim and violate the rules in a way that, if caught, would get you asked to take your hippie-ways elsewhere... ;)

Pussycat Catnap

On the first image:

Plenty of people in SL shoot photos in little boxed 'studio booths' up in the sky, with a photo backdrop in them. Its very common.

I don't do it, because I came out of Poser and didn't do it there either - I got Vue and used to sit for hours placing all 100 of my trees, cars, pigeons, and so on...

But even in Poser you could buy panel backdrops to slide a photo into...

It is quite possible that that image was an SL screenshot made that way.

I find it a style / design nightmare, but the method is still "legitimately within the platform."

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

That "Gorean" screenshot could be from in-world RP based on Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age.

In Howard's novels blond gals and long-maned beefcafe in quasi-Arabian settings are as common as Stygian wizards with megalomania:

Conan's hand fell heavily on her naked shoulder.

"Stand aside, girl," he mumbled. "Now is the feasting of swords."

Here's to one flavor of geekdom, just sayin', to a different flavor.

Shug Maitland

I agree completely with your analysis.
The "Shop Now" button implies that these adds were directed toward SL insiders not RL at large. Maybe we "get it" more than the general population would.

Vivienne Daguerre

I do not agree about the Gorean banner. Gor is not just about sex. If you take this stand, you would have to take the same stand against any club pictures showing avatars dancing. Many of them have escort services, and the primary purpose of the clubs is a place to go for people looking to "hook up." I would say dance clubs are just as "about sex" as Gor, if not more so. There is not much more to the clubs.

Gor is a whole world with a geography and populated by people of different cultures and of different castes. For many sex is not a part of what they do on Gor. I don't think you could say the same for the dance clubs.

Vivienne Daguerre

I would also add that Gorean sims are some of the most beautiful builds in Second Life, and they make stunning photographs. It would be a shame not to include these builds on the banners some of the time.


what bothered me even more on first sight was the slave girl cuddling a meeroo .... thank god its just a puppy wolf.

In defense of these banners... the world noobs find is somewhat correctly represented. The world you suggest to display is only possible to experience when you know SL for quite some time. So they cannot really go too high end as it would disappoint a lot of newly signed-ups.

Adeon Writer

As far as stiff animations go, the problem is we need an in-viewer posing system to directly move the avatar's joints. I'll just come right out and say it: Basically, copy gMod.

foneco zuzu

Sl is not a game and much less one for kids!
That's why the lab made their biggest mistake, when merging the grids, should had keep a Investigation, educational platform that could be named otherwise but not connected to Sl in any ways!
Sl is and should remain so, a endless way to explore and develop our imagination without constrains imposed by rules that don't apply to all that use it, codes that only a few follow!
Sl is not Usa, Catholic, European, Muslin, whatever codes of Rl one tries to put it in!
Therefore Sl should be always Adult mandatory!

Pussycat Catnap

"Here's to one flavor of geekdom, just sayin', to a different flavor."

OMG, Word...

If there's a Conan RP in SL, sign me up.

When I was 5 years old and just learning to read, I was in a Safeway and saw a comic book shelf.

I grabbed a comic with some dark haired guy in a loincloth in a cave fighting a snake monster. A kind of 'Hippie / Indian' guy - maybe that's why I grabbed it, as it was the 70s and I was in San Francisco.

So it turns out the very first thing I ever read that was of my choosing - was a Conan comic book. I had it for about 10 years until it finally decayed from too much of a child's enthusiasm.

On the other hand, I had to turn to wikipedia when I joined SL to figure out what Gor was. How did an obscure hyper-misogynistic story become the dominant concept of fantasy in SL...?

Archangel Mortenwold

Actually, that third banner looks like it might have been taken at the Kingdom of Sand roleplay regions. Although they do have mature and sometimes adult roleplay, they are not exclusively or primarily adult-oriented.

Alicia Chenaux

My problem with these banners is that they're just bad quality. Bad photography, bad lighting, outdated clothing & hairstyles. With all the amazing fashion photographers in SL, there's not ONE that could do some new marketplace banners?


I can't believe nobody has yet mentioned one of the more glaring annoyances of the first banner: Bleeding Cowboys font. What, no Papyrus for the last one?

And we can argue about whether Gor is or isn't all about sex but either way, it is distinctly Adult. Apply a simple litmus test: how would its participants react to the presence of a child avatar (even if it's one authentically dressed and RPs fully in character)?

Silverfox Rainbow

All these banners have the same problem - they do not show SL as how most people see it, so one by one the first one: yes this has been photoshopped, this image could be so much better, if the poses where more active like moving instead of just standing there - the werewolf would look so much better if he was roaring or looked like was going to attack, poses that make it looked like the avis where 'alive' instead of just simply standing around - the 2nd one - good lighting good shadows and depth of field has been used but again the poses - if the people in the background where in different stage of the clapping animtion it would look better - instead there all in sync and as you said yes it looks like they all have there hands bound, they needed to have the animations at differeant stages - it active more motion to the sence, the 3rd one i dont know much about gor culture as i am more into japanese style RP, but what i think they could have done is done it a differant camera angle, you cant really tell from the background where they are and it seems to be on odd angle - again this is just what i think they could to improve these :)

rawst berry

Ha, I always comment to my friends about how tacky their banner ads are, especially the gorean one. You can argue that it's a generic fantasy scene all you want, we all know the veil was added in to pander to goreans, but LL wasn't ready to go the full mile and show her in a kneeling slave pose.

Pussycat Catnap

"As far as stiff animations go, the problem is we need an in-viewer posing system to directly move the avatar's joints."

Yeah I know...

Its too bad there's no place with a name like, say, anypose, offering a solution.


Too bad no such place can be found anywhere, not even in Bay City's Morton sim.


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