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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


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Matthew Leach

There's a lot of interest here - the cross-over from virtual to real; how 3D printing can make highly intricate shapes relatively easy to produce etc.

However, there's enough "un-said" in the reporting for people to get the impression that he invented the cube (although of course he never implied it himself). Especially in this post where they are referred to as "his fractal cubes, which he originally made in Second Life". Where-as he wasn't the first to create either a virtual or physical version; and by following the same rules they're all identical.

He might be the first to sell them to a mass market though; and there are plenty of other fascinating shapes in his shop as well.

Kimberly Rufer-Bach

Great to see you covering this, Hamlet. I have always felt that Henry Segerman's work is one of the best examples of how virtual worlds and 3d models can make complex subjects more accessible. Anyone who doubts the value of this tech in education needs to see Henry's work.


Very interesting

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