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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


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Pussycat Catnap

Having recently made an alt for a fashion contest to "dress up a new avatar on 550L or less" (I did it with 2L, plus another 300L for an item not even visible in the screenshot I submitted...)...

It took me almost an hour to make a name that didn't have numbers, because all the non-gibberish choices were taken. I ended up wandering through online dictionaries, synonym sites, and wikipedia...

AOL-itus is not by choice.

Hmmm... but a simple feature / change?
- log new folks into places with clusters of other new folks. Something to get them chatting, which is what everyone seems to want to do first (with the exception of one rezzday newbie I met recently who told me he hated chatting during out 20 minute chat ;) ).

Kill the infohubs. All of them. Or at least remove them from the places new folks see in selecting a destination. Change default home from 'random infohub' to 'random destination guide entry within user maturity preferences'.

Rezz a giant mushroom cloud over help island, 1000m tall mega-prim, and lock out the ability to TP to the sim...

Planter Leitner

Create a kind of category within Events called 'role-play." Then the calendar of events would become useful to the large population of roleplayers and make it easier to determine what's going on within Second Life roleplay.

shockwave yareach

Allow a Helper Cadre group to form and only a linden can invite the folks into that group -- people dedicated to keeping SL fun and showing new people the ropes. Said group has the power to eject troublemakers and griefers from the new citizen and help areas. Frankly, if I was a newcomer to SL and saw the goings on in the newb centers, I would rip my drive out and set it on fire, just to be sure the viewer was out of my system.

Also create Teleport Adverts where different interests are represented (with all those wanting an ad rotated on the advert box over time). Someone new is interested in mechwarrior -- they see the sign showing a sim hosting mech combat and can touch it to go there. If you want new users, you have to show them quickly what exists in SL other than pen*s fights in the entry areas, or they'll quit.

Declare that all viewers must be mesh capable in 3 months, or be unable to enter SL anymore. While TPV has brought improvements to SL viewers, it has also created a balkan world where 2 people in the same place see two different things. This destroys the entire "colaborative" vision of SL's very foundation. And without a foundation, what does the house do?

Tie the number of items in your marketplace store to the number of prims supported by the land your magic box sits on. You can have #prims / 30 + 10 items in your store. If you own an 8K plot for an inworld store, you can have 72 items in your marketplace. You're a hobo with no land? You can have 10. Land today is a sucker's purchase because you have no need of it for a business anymore -- that needs modification so that BOTH land and marketplace are necessary and support each other.

Look at the high cost of land as well. You can make more with greater volume than you can with higher prices.


This may be a silly suggestion at this point, but I would like to see a check box next to the "shininess" and "bumpiness" preferences in the prim editor, that allows the settings to be limited to dynamic lighting.

In other words, if the box is checked the "shininess" and "bumpiness" settings would not be seen by viewers who do not have dynamic lighting enabled. It's hard to explain, if you haven't seen some of the new bump mapping features that have been implemented, but a builder can only build with these features if the shininess setting is on. The effect is amazing if the viewer has dynamic lighting enabled, but if you don't the shininess setting ruins the build for everyone else and completely obscures any non-dynamic effects like baked specularity and AO. So, I and I'm sure many future builders will be hesitant to use it at all knowing that their builds will look terrible to those without advanced lighting.

Aeonix Aeon

Built-In Web Browser Uses New Canvas Rendering Layer [Not New Floater Window]

JIRA: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-22977

Why this might take a week and a few programmers:
A large portion of the functionality is already in place with current viewers - see also: The login screen.

With the 3.x series, and the minimalism for the buttons and interface, this would work nicely, as well as (again) make the address bar at the top very useful.

Sera Lok

Having recently switched from an older build of Imprudence to V3+Starlight, I often miss the following 'little things':

- Find/Replace options in the Notecard Editor (Other Notecard improvements like being able to view a thumbnail, or activate a hyperlink would be cool!)

- A Dropdown Filter in inventory to easily filter items by object/texture/script etc.

Additionally I think it would be nice to let the user customize their own viewer buttons that are in v3. Starlight has added several new buttons, which is helpful. I'd like to be able to add my own buttons with a larger selection of choices and icons.

- Word wrap for IMs. Maybe this is harder than it seems. I've been wishing for this for years.


I second shockwave's idea that Linden Lab has to stop begging TPVs to keep up (as Rod Humble kind of did requesting the Destination Guide at SLCC). It's pitiful to just -hope- TPVs implement new features when some like Imprudence/Kokua target OpenSim primarily and Phoenix/Firestorm has their own ideas about what should and shouldn't be in the viewer.

The TPV program has long since made TPVs the IE of Second Life. Things like Shared Media flopped day 1 because TPVs wouldn't move to Viewer 2 to support it. Mesh is pretty much dead right now because there's still Phoenix viewers connected to the grid. Smaller features like llTextBox() for input rather than scripts having users type things on hidden chat channels are dead in the water because older viewers still connect. It's silly.

Linden Lab should necessitate viewers connecting to the Second Life servers support a strict set or features. Could 1-2 people accomplish it? Seems so, just a policy change and user-agent blocking. That's better than continuing to have large and small new features alike go unused because there's no guarantee everyone can see them.

JubJub Forder

Soooo many, here's some for the Marketplace in no particular order
1. Retain user preferences for page display on Marketplace between sessions.
2. Force marketplace team to two-way communicate regularly with the users and merchants over changes and new features.
3. Force Marketplace team to become responsible for their decisions by naming whose idea it was.
Like the 'daily dash deal' which was an attempt to favor/highlight some merchants in return for half their earnings :/
3. Suspend/delist the marketplace listings of any merchant that hasn't logged in for over a month (or some appropriate timeframe). They cannot be providing customer service. I know several who have left SL permanantly, yet their account continues to build up money while the buyers are sometimes getting no delivery and no response.
3a (related) Stop charging the credit card of people who haven't logged in for over a year - it may look good on the account books, but it ain't ethical. I had to wait almost 3 years for a neighbours land (in the middle of mine) to become available because LL were quite happy to keep charging their credit card despite them not logging in once in that 3 years.
Yes we are responsible for stopping charges on a service that we aren't using, however LL can easily tell who is no longer logging in and do the right thing (or at least send an email notifying them).

Nuff rant for now ;)

Commizar Janick

As a Mac user I'd like to see a more native official viewer. Maybe this would take more than two Linden Lab employees but it would make using Second Life on the Mac a lot nicer and I think a lot faster.

Alberik Rotaru

1. Restore surnames

2. Revamp the Inventory tools drastically. I suspect much of the reason for the large number of once only logins is that people are used to inventory systems that do not look like they were written in 1995 and cannot find items within their Inventory.

3. Improve customer service drastically by giving first responders the ability to act on problems rather than parrot a fixed script.

Orca Flotta

1) LL must invest! Buy better and more servers.

2) LL must improve! Customer service, grid reliability, less lag.

3) LL must become cheaper! Down with the hilarious steep tier fees!!!

4) LL must make better viewers! 4000+ bugs in the latest V3 is not a good sign of professionalism. And the UI, OMG, have those people never ever visited their own world? Or at least tried to do something productive inworld?

Hamlet Au

There's a lot of good or interesting suggestions, but just remember, I'm asking about SIMPLE features/changes, that can be done by one-two staffers in under a week. Larger projects are probably much less feasible because they're too expensive or too resource-consuming. Or they're already being worked on.


- Create new, prettier and smoother default avatar-motions. (The AO creators wouldn't be so pleased though...)

- Including the new deafult movements, create animations for the following avatar-activities: "checking the map", (the avatar is looking on a map in his hand) "IM-ing" (the avatar looks like holding a cellphone), "reading a notecard" (the avatar is holding a note in his hand and reading it) etc.
Why? - Because most of the time, the world of SL is not dynamic. Avatars just stand still, and for a newbie's eye, they do nothing. With these new animations, we could show that we are busy at the moment - and of course, this feature could be turned off if you want to hide that you are IM-ing. Lovely.

- A thing that I find very out-of-date, very 20th century and must get rid of: "notecards",
as a ridiculously oldschool 2D text form of information-giving. Why don't we use something more modern? Why don't someone invent a more 21th century tool instead of notecards? Notecards cannot even be opened in e-mail if we are offworld, but online...

foneco zuzu

2 easy ones to implement on official viewer!
In build Ao.
Many sims in world are just using the O scripts wearable rule.
An inbuld ao as per Tpv'would allow many to go to those sims without the feeling of looking ans moving like a duck (And yes, better default animations on the long term, that would be nice.)
A radar!
Most of sport activities require the use of one, and really with the new privacy settings in place, there is no excuse for not having a radar as many tpv's!

Arcadia Codesmith

Tweak the default camera settings. Some very modest changes would favor avatars and builds of realistic proportions over Amazon Strippers in the Land of Vaulted Ceilings.

shockwave yareach

@Hamlet - there are serious issues that need attention. Your call for "simple 2 man week long" jobs is no different than any of the other candy projects which the lab has done while totally ignoring glaring, major problems! This approach has left almost 10 year old bugs unfixed and has my utter contempt.

I would give up a YEAR of eyecandy improvements if they would just make it so we can have 100 people in a sim! (Hint: Interleaving. Above 50 people, the sim splits updating the viewers so half get data one cycle, the other half the next. Actually very simple in theory, though there is sure to be a devil in the detail.)

Todd Borst

I'm not sure if this would be a "simple" change. but it would probably have significant usability improvements.

Disconnect the main lands into small growable, user connect-able islands.

The way things are right now, neighbors are unrelated at best and disruptive at worse. Not having to render all the unrelated neighbors has got to provide some sort of performance boost. Also currently, there's no way for me to grow my shop slowly (i.e. by just 200m) if there are no adjacent lands for sale.

I'm sure LL have incentive to make main land crappy so people will buy islands. But time has already shown that many of these island purchases aren't very sustainable when not grown into it organically.

Fix the main lands. Remove crappy neighbor issues. It'll be better for everyone.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

What Commizar Janick wrote. We need a native Mac-OS viewer, or LL should farm it out to the Phoenix/Firestorm folks (that could be done in a few days).

Linden Labs's latter V.2 releases were not useable, and I've switched to Firestorm for mesh rather than try viewer 3.x. A real build of a stronger Mac-OS viewer would take more than a couple of days for two Lindens, however. So make Firestorm the official LL viewer for Mac OS and support their team with some $$.

My big peeve for a fix will take more time: terrible sim-crossings in vehicles. They have gotten worse and worse over time, and it hurts one very cool and creative aspect of SL's indigenous culture.

shockwave yareach

@Ignatius - it was with some trepidation that I moved to V3 viewer. I'm glad I did so. The sidebar is gone, replaced by buttons on the bottom and left which create floating windows you can put anywhere, just like 1.23 days. The only serious change to adapt to is the moving of the IM icons to the top right instead of the bottom as on V2. But if you never used V2, it won't bother you.

I should give credit where credit is due. I love V3 viewer and it runs reasonably well even on my POS laptop. As badly as LL dropped the ball with V2, they got most right on V3 -- I can put things wehre I want them instead of simply losing half the world to that stupid sidebar.

Now if LL could put the media and music play/stop buttons back on the bottom right where they belong instead of buried in a settings menu that you have to hover over a volume control to locate, it would be ideal.

Metacam Oh

An inbox that is like EMAIL where offline IMS go and group notices.

Also, better inventory management, better inventory window

Easier ways for newbies to change outfits and resize pieces of clothing (mesh deformer? :))

A 3d inventory preview would also be awesome, but that ain't going to happen in 2 days, nor probably any of my other suggestions either, sorry. :)

Pussycat Catnap

"Disconnect the main lands into small growable, user connect-able islands"


- If you don't like mainland, move to an island where you can be disconnected and unable to walk more than 5 feet before bouncing off an invisible wall and looking at endless water...

Mainland is mainland for a reason.

One of the reasons I very rarely visit any estate land is because its so disconnected. The experience is too disjointed.

Pussycat Catnap

"Now if LL could put the media and music play/stop buttons back on the bottom right where they belong instead of buried in a settings menu"

I don't understand why bottom-right makes any more sense than top right, where they are now.

Pussycat Catnap

"Linden Labs's latter V.2 releases were not useable, and I've switched to Firestorm for mesh rather than try viewer 3.x. A real build of a stronger Mac-OS viewer would take more than a couple of days for two Lindens, however. So make Firestorm the official LL viewer for Mac OS and support their team with some $$."

Or you could actually try V3, which works great on my Mac. :D

Pussycat Catnap

"A radar!
Most of sport activities require the use of one, and really with the new privacy settings in place, there is no excuse for not having a radar as many tpv's!"

You mean like the one that's already there in the viewer? I use the radar in V3 all the time... :D

- AO into viewer. Basically a good idea, as long as its easy to customize things like current stand, cycle or random, sit choice, and so on.

- Change camera defaults. Yes, they should be this:
X: -2.5
Y: -0.100
Z: -0.300

X: 0.4
Y: -0.100
Z: 0.100

- Charge a prim cost for Marketplace. YES. This is vital to avoid SL dying. I suggest doing it differently than above though. My suggestion is simpler: The item / box to be shipped has to be rezzed inworld and set for sale. Not in your inventory, not in a magic box, not in a vendor. But rezzed and set for sale somewhere with open no-banline access. Essentially, you click buy and the server goes and grabs a copy of that item inworld and hands it to you, if it fails when it tries to do that, you don't get charged and the item gets a '-1' downranking in search relevancy for -each- such failure.
- product listings on marketplace should have a non-editable-by-merchant counter showing the number of such failures for that product, and for all the merchant's products, in the last 30 days.

Ideally however, Marketplace should not have a buy button at all. But a 'find item' button, that TPs you to right in front of the item, so you buy it inworld.

One more suggestion:

Change default 'rendervolumeLODfactor' to 4.
- Like... why is it not 4, when nearly everyone basically has to change this to 4 to be able to see SL anyway... and why is the setting hidden in the debug menus...

shockwave yareach

@Catnap - I guess I'm not being clear enough. In the V1 chain, there were four buttons. You could very quickly turn the music on and off, or the media on and off. When you walked into a parcel that had a video screen playing, it was a single click to turn off parcel music so you could hear the video running.

Today, a single button turns off both media AND music. Click it to silence the parcel music and the video you were wanting to focus on disappears. To watch only the video, you have to hover your mouse over the volume symbol, then hover it (without missing) over the little gear at the bottom of the volume control, then click the box to deselect music.

What was once intuitive and easy to use even by the noobiest of newcomers has been turned into Rube Goldburgesque comedy (or tragedy) of UI design.

Pussycat Catnap

For me there's no hovering. I hit the think to bring up the popup, select the specific stream I want to turn on or off, and click it, then hit play or stop for it.

Streams that are active are highlighted in white text. Streams that are off are gray.

I don't see gear icons anywhere in viewer 3, nor did I in 2.

With media prims, there can now be dozens of different streams - so it is no longer viable to make a different button for each one.

foneco zuzu

Well if V3 has a radar that means i have to install marine's viewer (no rlv is no viewer for me , main reason that i didn't installed a single official viewer since old v1.23 (on that time rlv was installed over it, lol).
But then truth must be said, V3 seems a good start for real tpv's to work over, like niran's, dolphin and more, but the fact is:
Regular users still use pre mesh phoenix (the mesh one was to way bugged for most that tried it and all reverted back)!
Those ones don't care about changes in official viewers, or mesh or whatever v2/v3 code can offers and is not ported yet to phoenix (multiple lawers, that is the only thing that is missing yet!)
So dont get fooled, what users want are, fast rezzing times, better crossing sims, and some lower tiers (most of users really don't bother having a place for what they do on sl!)

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