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Monday, December 12, 2011


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Cinder Roxley

JP left the lab earlier this month as well.


Chuck  Baggett

(and pre-IPO) ?

Hamlet Au

Sorry, I just tweaked that to "pre-IPO track". I mean the period roughly 2006-2008 when the company and industry watchers expected that LL was headed toward a IPO soon. But we're long past that time.

Maggie Darwin (@MaggieL)

Um, on what planet is Kim Saltzer a "senior developer"? I mean, I suppose we could make a stretch for FJ: senior yes, developer maybe... but jeez.

Emperor Norton

The new king means the old king's court gets the axe over the next year is the Valley tradition. I recall with the last CEO it was blood bath in the upper management of the lab so if anything Humble is being rather restrained.

Lazylover Aedipo

Wow, that is I guess the silence before storm. I don't know much economic in depth about Second life but I had seen things like these happening in my first virtual world There.com before it closed and restarted with new features.
I am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope SL does not suffer from any setback.
By the way Mr Wagner, saw your interview on the program I,videogame :)
Good job :D

Hitomi Tiponi

I expect that Rod already has his replacement lined up. Besides, three years in a tech company is quite a decent spell.

Ajax Manatiso

Its pretty much standard to ax the head of marketing when membership is flat, so I don't think that one is due to a change of regime. I had to question some of the marketing ads -- Be a Vampire? It implies that SL is a vampire-themed game which it is not.

Toxic Menges

Ambrose is a big loss for the company - he was at AOL during my tenure at the company, and he was instrumental in improving the backend infrastructure of AOL, as much as he has at SL. He will be missed.

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