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Friday, December 09, 2011


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Adeon Writer

[_] Hide Estate HUDs

Solved. :)


I think this is a wonderful achievement towards the right direction Linden Labs is making to promote second-life to be a more user-friendlier environment. Second-Life NEEDS more development and the push to newer technologies. In all there will be bugs and breaks that any platform in any company has, but instantly tagging on the griefer aspect just kills everything. Griefers will do what they do regardless of instant-teleport portals and have so for years. That shouldn't be the main focus as new tools come out, however.

This is why development in Second-Life is slow, horrendous, and sluggish compared to other developments else-where (such as the gaming industry).

Missy Restless

See Inara Pey's posting on this and other changes to Linden Realms at http://bit.ly/u2Fvyt

Toward the end she indicates these issues (griefing) are very much on the Lindens' minds.

And I'd like to add, the issue of griefing is larger than Linden Realms, Second Life, or online communities. There used to be a guy who would leave out a basket of oranges on campus every morning with a donation box. The oranges and donation box kept getting stolen so he had to stop. The city of Santa Cruz put out a fleet of yellow bicycles people could use for free to get around. Bike shops around town would fix the yellow bikes for free. The bikes kept getting stolen so the city curtailed the program. Griefing is part of what separates human culture from Heaven.

Hiro Pendragon

An estate owner popping up a HUD on your screen really is no more or less offensive than an estate owner having an obnoxious video played on a media prim or just rezzing a giant dong.

This sort of article serves no purpose other than FUD.

Arcadia Codesmith

I could live with a "do you wish to allow..." box before the hud loads, or a "do you wish to keep..." after.

Pussycat Catnap

"Presumably the Lindens already anticipate..."

- This is where you lose me...

We all know the above is impossible. Lindens never analyze the consequences of their actions. They jump out of the plane, and then-once they're far enough down to see the ground is coming-ask if anybody brought a sewing kit to make a parachute...

elizabeth (16)

is also FUD to misdirect the obvious

media have an option in viewer to turn off

autoattach not have that option yet

prob with media is that ll also left a big hole in that scripters can exploit

so most ppl turn off and leave turned off

cool feature, no users, waste of time and money

attached media even more a waste

i probly only person in all sl that uses attach media

cool awesome tnks ll

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