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Friday, December 30, 2011


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shockwave yareach

Wonderful graphs. They are very telling, reinforcing what so many of us already know with the graphs -- people are leaving and few newcomers are staying OR buying land if they do stay. How many exit polls have we done that have the same two words "too expensive" in them? SL is getting more and more empty with less and less to do within it.

And somehow the lab will find a way to make this all the paying customer's fault again. I want to see SL succeed, and I honestly believe that Rod is partially on the right track. But he and LL will have to eat the day old donut that M has left for them, in that all the previous debacles the lab has foisted on us are still driving those willing to pay the big bucks out, and when we are gone, we are gone. And after losing thousands of dollars, don't think any of them are a) coming back or b) saying one kind word to their friends and family about SL.

LL could instantly reverse this sinking by cutting tier 25$ on mainland, 33% on islands, and advertising a "Welcome Home" program where people who abandoned land could get the same size of land back with no fees at all -- just pick up the new lower tier. If LL can afford to give lower cost land to big rental outfits via Atlas, then they can afford it with the rest of us as well. And as we all know, more landowners means more lindens purchased and more sales in stores both web and inworld.


shockwave yareach I wish that 2012 can bring all you posted for real:)

Maddy Gynoid

I am the same opinion as shockwave. In my country, a lot of technology and services became cheaper in the last few years. Internet service provider, charges for mobiles, and all the IT hardware in the stores.

Also the servers of Linden Lab are cheaper today (with the same performance than some years ago), or they have more power > can handle more regions (at the same cost than some years ago). Why has Linden Lab not passed on this cost savings to their customers?

I believe that LL would even be able to reduce the current tier by 50%, without give up profits. And focus on increasing revenues from the marketplace, the charges for mesh uploads and premium members, should compensate the most of the gap.

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