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Thursday, January 19, 2012


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Jon Brouchoud

Wow, congratulations Bryn! This is incredible. Keep up the great work!

Hitomi Tiponi

By the time I read your original article and went to contribute it was already passed it's target. I am pleased to see how much Bryn's art is appreciated, and hope that LL is taking notice.

foneco zuzu

Wonderful news!
I just wish all that contributed will also devote a bit of their free time to support non profit worlds like Os grid, just with a visit and a bit of explore!
Perhaps then, Os grid will be understand as a non profit world, where all can do a bit to make it grow, just for going there.
And there is so much that Os grid already have and so much more it needs.


private donations for public art..nice. so unlike most of the valley where corporate art buys end up in private lobbies and offices online.

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