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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


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Kimberly Winnington (Gianna Borgnine inSL)

Google+ is definitely growing in some sense, not just in registered users, but also in traffic as well (it grew by 55% - http://thenextweb.com/google/2012/01/02/google-just-had-its-biggest-traffic-month-of-all-time-up-55-from-november/). However, I agree with you that it is severely lacking in engagement and reach, which makes it hard to consider it a Facebook competitor.

I think it's still too soon to tell whether Google+ can become a Facebook competitor and it chances might be determined a lot by two things. Google+ is still in the early adopter stage and what Google does with the platform in the next few months will make a difference. They are undoubtedly integrating Google+ into every property they have including Andriod OS and Google Search. That type of leverage should give Google a fighting chance, but the final blow might come from Facebook's IPO. If Facebook's IPO fails (and I don't think it will), Google would have an advantage, but strong IPO would enable Facebook with the resources to hold their ground.

Hamlet Au

Good link, Kimberly, I was looking at it as I blogged this. Agreeing to your point, my impression is a lot (most?) of that traffic could just be new sign-ups and we're seeing a lot of one-try usage. It definitely seems to be gaining a lot of registrations. But as we painfully know from SL's 27 million registrations, more accounts often don't translate to more activity.

Pussycat Catnap

If Google- is getting integrated into everything they do - could that be a reason for some of the high numbers? Artificial inflation?


I am a professional webdeveloper in Europe and am just wondering about those numbers. Almost nobody here uses Google+. I log in about once a month to search for new people and hardly find anybody. My feed is empty. It´s anticipated here as a cheap copy of Facebook with no extra utility. But here is where the numbers come from. Once you have a Gmail account, you have a Google+ account. Those numbers are all fake. I don´t even believe the membership count of Facebook. Almost 1 billion people? I am living in a highly developed country, I am kind of an early adaptor and am about 30 years old. Still only about 50% of the people that I know have a Facebook account, eventhough 100% have internet. And now we speak about 1/7 of the world population, the majority doesn´t even have internet. A large part is too old or too young. It is really amazing what marketing folks make the people believe.

Flipper Peregrine

There's either a person behind a keyboard... or a person behind the code behind the spam being posted. :)

Gwyneth Llewelyn

What! 400 millions! I don't see anyone around lol — just geeks in their niche discussions. I'm not dissing Google + and saying that Facebook and Twitter are far better, but this is just my own perspective: I literally have to push friends into G+ (most of them long-time Gmail users) because nobody has heard about it, and when they do, they use it as little as SL: join, create a profile, post a few things, and then leave back to Twitter or Facebook.

Hmm. I think that Google is simply taking the number of Gmail users (which should be roughly 400 millions these days), assuming all have Google + profiles (most will), and simply claim a huge growth that doesn't exist.

Then again, parochial statistics don't mean anything regarding global use — just because everybody I know doesn't use Google +, it doesn't mean that there isn't anybody in it :)


I get added by people who I don't know on G+ and then showered with spam and cruft that is of no interest to me. What exactly is the point of G+ beyond being another scam by Google to get as much data as possible about people that they can then sell on at a profit?

Some of the people who spam me are so prolific I'm convinced thay're spambots.

shockwave yareach

I joined up when it was still invite only. I love the circles feature.

But when they started saying that everyone who has a funny name (as decided by some teen intern in Santa Clara) will be banned, I closed the + account. And until they allow me to have a pseudonym OR have two accounts, one for one group and the SL name for hanging out with SL folks, they can go catch a social disease with their "social network". All they want is a piece of Facebook's pie, but they aren't willing to create what the customers want to gain it. So in a few months, Google+ will decay and fall into Myspacetopia status, just like their previous attempts at social media failed.

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