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Friday, January 20, 2012


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Nalates Urriah

Naaaa, the vampire that should be there is one of the ones from SL's old NoR. They aren't showing teeth but the women in the background were both bad news vampires.


Ignatius Onomatopoeia

This really needed coverage. I'm so sick of that lame LL vamp. In a word:

LL Vampire on L: plastic-fanged, jaundice-eyed Mall-Goth in snowstorm.

Alicia's Vampire on R: /me hunts for the garlic...Alicia wins!

Shug Maitland

re. the bigger picture. There appears to be a significant faction at Linden Lab that resents any input from outside the lab itself. Qarl's alignment tool is the example du jour. This is the same faction that lobbies against third party viewers. Their life would be so much simpler if we just accepted whatever crapola they shoveled our way and kept paying the bill.

Will Szymborska

Why is everything right now all about vampires? Should just be telling peole to go watch Twilight and shut up. Breedables and vampires is this lame PR stunt to attract users by gaming on their interest in Hollywood movies like "Avatar" and now "Twilight". Who cares?

Breedables is gaming on people's emotions to get them to feel sorry for fake animals. Those people are on the lowest rung on socieity. I've been a member of Secondlife almost 6 years and I never thought the only two things people cared about would be fake region ruining breedables and people who want to look like vampires. What is this Halloween?

Of course posting this I'm sure all the SL universe '09ers and 'graphic artists' will yell at me but think about it. This is just stupid.

Metacam Oh

Well we all know the 2d Internet grew to the way it did today by advertising that you can play dungeons and dragons :)

Mariko Nightfire

Alicia's picture may be technically better; but, the LL artist has the better eye for pose and camera angle. The LL vampire is more intriguing and invokes a sense of horror that is lacking in Alicia's work.

Ann Otoole InSL

If LL wants horror, sex, and vampire in one shot they can take a picture of me at Gothika during the Wednesday night dark rave anytime they want.

Ajax Manatiso

SL's marketing is horrible -- always giving a false impression of SL and then disappointing or confusing the noobs so that they never log on again. Advertising that SL is all about Vampires is like the Green Bay Packers advertising -- come and watch our linebacker coach call signals -- its ancillary and is way off of center.


Yeah, LL's marketing is horrible. But I haven't seen any vampire that actually looks better than the one LL used despite reading over a dozen similar criticisms.

The larger question, which the community has completely missed, is: Why in the world is LL using a vampire for marketing in the middle of winter?

Why aren't they instead using any of the great winter attractions or themes with more mass appeal at this time of year instead?

LL fail? Yes. But, community fail, too.


You can actually tell that Alicia only spent 20 mins though, which isn't a good thing. Only noticeable significant difference is the hair and windlight setting, plus a background that works against the characters form melding the blacks into more blacks.

Isn't the annoyance more to do with having seen it for so long instead of a renewed campaign across other topics?

Ziki Questi

Adromaw, the point is that it looks like LL spent about 30 second on their shot. :)

Part of Alicia's point (not covered in the NWN post) is also how "terrible" the vampire avatar is that's included in the Library. "Shouldn't someone be in charge of quality control as far as Library avatars go?" In other words, there isn't a way to take a half decent photo given what the Lab chose to work with.

Alicia Chenaux

I have NEVER claimed to be an SL artist or photographer, and my Photoshop skills are pretty minimal. :) My annoyance is that while yes, the newbies are lucky to have new things pretty much immediately [a far cry from the 'Girl Next Door' of yesteryear!], some of these things do not really show off the amazing talent that is in SL. If I were brand new and came to the SL website, I would be a little put off by the photo. My first thought would be "Is this for kids?" My second would be "Yuck. Twilight stuff." I love SL and I want others to love it as much as I do. But the front page of the website needs a lot of work, as do SOME of the starter avatars.

Nahasa Singh

Alicia's vampire shot is technically and aesthetically a win. However, Linden's vampire look and background are much closer to the in-world experience, for the average user with a non-supercharged computer. It's called "truth in advertising"...

elizabeth (16)

what mariko said. the eyes on the linden vampire quite chilling

Hamlet Au

Yes, though I think Alicia's works most ideally for the largest online market for vampire-themed entertainment: Girls in their late teens and 20s into the sexy romantic vampires of Twilight/Vampire Diaries (and to a lesser extent True Blood.)

elizabeth (16)

in ur other story hamlet u reported that sl signups for the target audience, younger ppl, is up. maybe the linden vampire actual has something to with that. is quite edgy in its own way

is funny tho. in the past linden often been criticised for pimping overstylised and pretty avatars on their page. when they do try something different then get criticised for not being overstylised and pretty

i quite like the alicia vampire as well, it have its own merits. it tell a different story tho to the linden vampire, seems like to me anyways

elizabeth (16)

sorry. should have explained better

linden vampire says: i am vampire. i am dangerous

alicia vampire says: i am vampire. i am beautiful and imperious

foneco zuzu

The fact remains, Linden Lab needs to make sure that Second Life is not only about vampires,in reality that it can be a World for vampires as a World for any kind or any wish!
And they really should promote, on this time of year, the amazing winter sims that exist.
But as we all know we never know when one of them will close due to outrageous (they are, don't tell me that they could not be lower, much lower then they are now!)tiers cost!


My 2L is that the teeth look all wrong. Generally, in movies and such, the pointy fangs are the canines, or "eye teeth". They're called "eye teeth" because they line up with one's eyes. The teeth in neither picture do that.

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