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Friday, January 20, 2012


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Emperor Norton

and another side of sim ownership comes up. It's a hassle since to make tier you have to coddle anywhere between 4 - 20 personality so they pay their share tier. And the recession is ending so people don't have less free time to play on-line baby sitter.

Looks like LL has created itself a nice lose lose situation; economy is bad, no one has money to pay the high tier, economy is good no one has the time to manage the sims and the groups attached to it.

But I am sure LL just need to keep faith the corporate whales will come back and save them.


Any word on if we will still be able to buy the wonderful critters?

foneco zuzu

On Market street.
Now back to LL survival:
If the Lab focus their resources in making Sl stable and support effective to allow more ppl at a time on the grid, then as more will come and stay, more land will be rented, even at the insane outrageous prizes that the Lab asks!

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