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Thursday, January 05, 2012


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Isadora Fiddlesticks

i loved the series and i also loved the movie adaptation...it was really engaging! very good movie :)) everything was done so well...:)

Arcadia Codesmith

I think Tintin is just stylized enough in terms of character rendering to stay on the far side of the uncanny valley.

It's lovingly detailed and rendered, and the characters have a brilliant life all their own. But it's cartoon life, not human life.

It reminds me a bit of Norman Rockwell's style; that attention to realistic detail combined with a stylized sensibility of the human form that draws the viewer to embrace the elements of charicature through the sheer warmth and good humor of the piece.

But I by no means analyzed it in those terms while watching. Whatever else it is, it's a rip-roaring good action movie.


I tend to agree with Arcadia. While Tintin himself had human proportions, he was also the most "difficult" to look at. The other characters all had exaggerated proportions; big noses, slightly enlarged heads, etc. that made them stylized representations of people rather than accurate. That said, it wasn't very long before I simply accepted the characters as real ... the extraordinary realism of the landscapes they inhabited had a hand in this.

The other thing I noticed while watching the movie was the use of action. Kelly touches on this briefly, but there were a few sequences that were so over-the-top that they jarred my perceptions. The exaggerated action became cartoonish even though every element looked "hyperreal" (as Kelly calls it), and the result shook me from my complacent acceptance of the story and reminded me how much of what I was seeing was man-made. The motorcycle chase, for example, and the moment when the good Captain got caught-up in the plane's propeller.

The perfect capture of every detail married with the ability to bring anything imaginable to life doesn't bode for a perfect cinematic marriage. This couple will fight quite a bit on the big screen as directors learn finesse and subtlety.


Beowulf did it better

Pep (five years ago)

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