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Thursday, January 05, 2012


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I read that first line and laughed so hard I fell off my chair choking! It took me a moment or two before I calmed down enough to breathe!

That one sentence sums up so much of SL perfectly. And in a way, that's both a beautiful and revolting thing.

Wizard Gynoid

hmmm. as Crap Mariner points out so eloquently, Virtual Games region is NOT the LEA3 Avatar Games sim. nice try.

Hamlet Au

That's what came up when I used search. Got a SLurl handy to the sim?

Little Lost Linden

Hey Hamlet.

2 locations on your top 25 sims are bot farms.

Virgin Islands #7 (think they are closing it down as the bots were recently removed)


Miami Island #21 (bots were still there tonight in the sky in 2 large orbs above Club Stacks).


Arcadia Codesmith

You mean bukkake isn't a form of art?

Those bastards lied to me!

Pussycat Catnap

"Only in Second Life would an interactive art installation vie for popularity alongside an entire island devoted to bukkake."

Because outside of SL, the art installation doesn't stand a chance.

Pussycat Catnap

"Hey Hamlet.

2 locations on your top 25 sims are bot farms."

Bot Rancher: "Oh hai, I haz #1 traffic on teh SL-webz! I iz leet, and epic too. 39 bots in my club, always top traffic. Join my mall!"

So... how's that working for you?

"I haz #1 traffic!"

So... making teh epic lootz? That your Ferrari in the parking lot?

"No that's the guy who manages my bot server. But I haz epic traffix!"

/me pats Bot Rancher on the head. "Hope that's working for you then hero."

"OMG, plox-to-rent a space in my mall!!! I has epic traffics. #1 on Sl-webz!"

Yeaaaaahhhh... I'm going to pass on that one for now.

Pussycat Catnap

Addendum to above on the traffic fools. The most successful small merchant I know in SL has a "dismal" traffic score of maybe 1000-2000 or so, and not too many MP hits. She just banks on what marketing folks call an "insane conversion rate." Most people who do show up, buy something, and the stuff is good enough that they recommend friends go there as well. She also banks on the short term traffic boosts of hunts and seasonal sales - and tells me half or more of her regular customers first showed up during a hunt.

You can have all the traffic in the world - but if you've got a zero-percent conversion rate, you're just LA during rush hour.

Canoro Philipp

you can try reducing space in the "position", "rating" and "range" columns so that "prev. pos." can be seen.


So thats the Top 50, Jesus, why do I bother with this place. After years of attempting to make it look presentable and entertaing, wiped out by lego chat rooms. May I remind everyone that SL was supposed to be a visual experience. Most of what I see on that list can be run on a BBS system from 20 years back and do the same thing.
If only you could really see how sad that list is.

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