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Monday, February 27, 2012


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Pussycat Catnap

The theme of such a sim lends itself to mesh - letting them make some futuristic buildings.

But they're going to find mesh's "Land Impact" is determined by the size you -rez- an object at; so mesh is -NOT- ideal for large builds. In fact its not even good to use for the scale that is common among Second Life avatars.

A scale difference of 40% - going from say; a build meant for a 5'6" avatar to one meant for the usual 8' avatar - will also add 40% to the "Land Impact" cost, sometimes more.

- Or inversely, going the other way and taking a mesh building or vehicle made for typical avatars and scaling it down for a 5'6" avatar, will shave off 40% of its "Land Impact"...

- If ISM goes mesh, but goes for the large scale avatars, they'll run out of prims before they're done. Scale down, and they'll have room to spare for people to rez smaller-scale vehicles or whatever...

Lani Global

Hopefully, in the glee, the ISM won't forget the mantra:

Back up early.
Back up often.
External site.

Best Wishes,


this makes me so happyI Long live the International Spaceflight Museum!

Moni Duettmann

I still like looking at things made of prims in the original way. People back then developed amazing ideas to get things done despite the limitations the prim had. In a way prim building deserves being kept in museums as well. Replacing the original builts with modern meshes and sculpts may be good for the performance of the sim, but it's a bit like replacing the original pyramids with concrete replicas.

Stone Semyorka

This is very, very good news!!

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