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Monday, February 20, 2012


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Eddi Haskell

Hamlet you devil you! I betcha know more than you are saying but you promised to keep it zipped didn't you :).

roblem hogarth

Oh I heard some stuff too.

Hitomi Tiponi

Thanks Hamlet - exciting times ahead. Something that used SL's massive existing clothing/furniture/building etc. assets would be great for a social app - and hopefully better than Blue Mars's limited offering.

Arcadia Codesmith

Oh, it'd be great to tap the massive wellspring of Second Lifes talented creators... assuming they receive proper credit and compensation, of course.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say they were probably poking at the lucrative (but crowded) Facebook game space, or an asynchronous mobile device game.

While it may be technically possible to bring the full SL experience through the Facebook interface, it's probably easier to start from scratch with a title optimized for that experience.

Social games and mobile devices are all very nice flavors of the month, and I don't begrudge anybody for milking the cash cow before it runs away. Just keep an eye on the prize: immersive virtual environment techology.

Ehrman Digfoot

an iOS app?

Pussycat Catnap

"my bet (or hope) is on an MMO Developer Kit, a Web/Tablet game with prim-based construction, and a Fashion-oriented social game using SL assets. But it sounds like we'll know for sure soon."

- All of those are the kinds of products that would potentially be direct threats to SL.

They are ways of saying 'lets take our expertise here, and move it there.'

They are also ways of saying 'lets take a person who would have been a customer here, but for our prior gaffs that we'll blame on customers being social retards and wackaddodles, and shift them here, so hopefully we can get more Ken and Barbie customers, since none of our problems are our fault, but all from bad customers.'

Pussycat Catnap

"If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say they were probably poking at the lucrative (but crowded) Facebook game space, or an asynchronous mobile device game."

Crowded is the word for it. Zynga is already devouring its own tail - but its games are not really that mentally engaging so they kind of have to do this to retain customers like pop-music: keep churning out the hits fast enough to get fans onto the next one before the old one gets too old.

Not sure there's room for another competitor there. Unlike pop-music, there isn't an endless supply of sexually frustrated teeny-boppers who need your crack. The growth is tied to another fad: social networking websites.

shockwave yareach

What I hope is that this is being poured into a NEW architecture -- SL2. One where the shortcomings and problems with the existing grid are corrected at inception.

Let the sim handle only physics and a list of IP addresses of who is in the sim. Let dynamically allocated servers handle who is where and descriptions. Tada, sims can handle hundreds of people.

Make each sim 1K x 1K. costs the same as what we have now, and is far more useful for things like racing and flying without worrying about simcrossing.

When SL2 is ready, copy everything in SL into it. Tada, little is changed and everyone has much more space to work with and grow into. And the improvements to the grid mean more can be done than is possible today.


And while they're doing all these fancy upgrades, will they be working on SL stability and usability issues? I'm unenthusiastic about new stuff from LL when they can't yet get the old one to work properly.

Cio Koba

I have to say I like your three ideas Hamlet.

-MMO devkit: Sounds awsome, any amateur could build his own mmo, power to the people! later bring some or all this tools to sl.

-Tablet primbased construction: Great! make anything and play with it, or upload it to sl.

-Fashion doll: built in-browser. If apparel creators could upload everything they already made for sl and target a new market i think they would be more than happy.

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