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Thursday, February 23, 2012


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Toxic Menges

....and machinima makers all over SL were overjoyed! Mesh is a game changer for SL and machinima :) Nice heads up on this thanks!

Pussycat Catnap

Content like this is what is going to make the SL of a year from now something so alien to the SL of today. Mesh frees up a lot of past limits.

Right now folks are paying most of their attention to clothes and avatars, because that's "sexy".

Things like tears, 'male bits', hair, feet, tails, ears, and so on will bring dramatic changes even for 'non-furries'.

But the big shock is going to come when things that you rez on the land get a serious looking at - since those need to consider prim cost, and the prim cost of a mesh is set by its -SIZE- when rezzed. The smaller you make it, the less prims it uses.

And that will cycle us right back into discussions about things for avatars: since mesh items worn on avatars -AUTO- scale up or down regardless of avatar scale - the need to be the size the item was made for now no longer exists (you just need to have the bust-waist-hips it was made for).



Melissa Yeuxdoux

I am amazed; very nice. Where are Godley and Creme when you need them?

elizabeth (16)

is all about the eyes really when we wish to convey emotion facially. is all a bit wooden without

being able to animate blinking, lowering your lashes, eyeball movement, closing your eyes, etc is probably one the most desired things we have yet to get from linden


If you're not using a mesh compatible viewer it looks like you're vomiting from your eye sockets.

Pep (He stoppeth one of three.)


Oh, and there is a discussion going on in the feeds about how mesh clothing doesn't fit all sizes.

Pep (Despite what Pussycat claims)

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