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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


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Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Linden Lab needs to get out of the viewer business. Ever since the final build of viewer 2x, I was done on my newish Macbook.

LL's product is providing good infrastructure for the world that we create for them. Sim-crossingbproblems show they need to pay more attention these basics, but I guess making a new viewer seems sexier to coders.

I wish they would just approve other folks' brilliant viewers, perhaps rewarding them with some tier-free land.

I'll never go back from Firestorm. It just rocks.

Pussycat Catnap

Blog ate my post, was too long as I repeated the search listing I'd gotten...

Ok, I get very different results.

for me Phoenix is number 7. Kokua number 5. Emerald number 10 despite being banned for almost a year and a half.

Most of everything else is from LLs, with the wiki being first, and the official viewer second.

On Bing and Yahoo - phoenix is only listed under the 'related searches' listing, and not in the normal listings at all. The normal listings are mostly LLs, but also with a news story about Kirsten's coming to an end.

Tested in Chrome, which I never use, and Safari which I don't use on the machine I'm currently in front of.

Shug Maitland

@Ignatious; I sympathize with your feelings, but from a practical viewpoint it makes no sense.
LL viewers establish the ways all viewers interact with the servers. The third party viewers massage and manipulate from the necessary base set by LL's viewer code.

shockwave yareach

@Ignatious - oh, and I suppose all these people creating these TPV viewers are starting from scratch without any code at all already written? No wait, everyone takes LL's code and then tweaks on it! Why, all the TPV folks depend on LL to give them viewer code, or they have absolutely nothing to start from. Now do they?

If LL quits developing the viewer, the TPVs will stagnate too.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

@Shug and shockwave, I stand corrected. Too bad their viewers still are so darned awful.

Pussycat Catnap

The awfulness of the official viewer is a matter of strong debate with which you will find far from universal agreement.

Adeon Writer

As usual, talking about a google result causes many people to google it, causing the results to change. Linden Lab is now far ahead and Phoenix viewer has been burred for that specific search string.

foneco zuzu

What matters is what any newbie is advised to use when her arrives to Sl for the 1st time!
In my case, i think i manage to make quite a few move from LL viewer into Phoenix, and after mesh, to singularity if they need to see meshes!
As from V3, I think its quite easy to understand and handle the interface, be LL 1 or any TPv based on it!
So give credit when its due! Linden Lab is making an effort regarding viewer's usability!
Wish they could explain why, even with latetst Nvidia beta drivers, Mesh viewers can't use more then AA16 and 54AF.

foneco zuzu

4AF lol!

jjccc coronet (@JJcccART)

Firestorm viewer was released yesturday, it is fast stable and works really well and does suff none of the other viewers can do. No other viewers are required any more as this one really works as it is supposed to

Emilly Orr

Oh, that's not the one that should perplex you. For years now, Googling "Second Life" gets you IMVU as the first answer.

foneco zuzu

and for me:)

second life

Cerca de 146.000.000 resultados (0,46 segundos)

Second Love - Infiel | secondlove.pt

foneco zuzu

Meaning a Rl date site, lol;)


I logged out of my Google profile and then searched, got secondlife.com/support/downloads/ first and then the wiki to the alternate downloads. Phoenix was down the bottom of the page.

Google does tend to try and alter the results on what it thinks you want, with little ability to correct its mistakes.

I'm guessing what you're talking about is more of "iLeeoh"'s personal preferences than actual rankings.

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