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Monday, February 06, 2012


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foneco zuzu

Is this Blog rulled by moral majority?
Is not Frisco the land that most supported Equal rights to All, regarding gender or sexual orientation?
If not, stop joking with Sl users, most of them into porno as much as into another activity that any can and should be able to do and enjoy freely!

foneco zuzu

And btw, i hope you realize how many of this sims are based on alien nations to you!


This was actually interesting as a lot of ppl claims adult regions are dominating SL now and the rest of the grid fails. Good to see that isnt true! Yet at least.

And LMFAO: "... I'm hoping for the day when the porn sims are mostly inhabited by bots servicing each other, in an endless feedback loop of virtual desire..." giggles :D

foneco zuzu

Btw, only sims I know and visited on that list are.....
Crossroads, the best Blue's bar in Sl but my home:)
Frank's place 2, Elitist dancing club, but we need that so much as well!
Wish R.I.R racing sim was among these list, but its asking to much from a simple Homestead!

Valentina Kendal

ooh, how judgemental :) - my experience at one of those Adult sims and several of the Mature ones on the list is that, yes there is sad poseball slex going on, but most people are actually doing what they do in most other crowded sims - standing around socializing and meeting new people. On the other hand, you ought to have been around long enough to know Hamlet, that some of those people standing around in a seemingly 'clean' dance club, or shopping mall - *whispers* - they're doin it in IM. None of this is new, it's always been this way - yes, once in a while you get a beautiful build or art sim on the top ten - but most of SL activity is about meeting people, new ones and friends, and doing stuff that people do together in RL. I wonder what what the monthly logins would be if LL enforced a no Adult activity ban...

Apmel Goosson

VERY interesting. And now I will visit "fukuoka yakuin" :)

Ajax Manatiso

The "Intimate Romance Garden" sim is now gone. It vanished overnight. There was some talk that most of their traffic was gamed but that is not verified.

Arcadia Codesmith

I think one of Second Life's key virtues is that it allows people to explore their sexual impulses in a safe and mostly supportive environment.

It doesn't surprise or dismay me that such a vital cornerstone of human existance represents a large chunk of in-world activity.

But I admit, the concept of bots getting it on with other bots has a certain ironic appeal.

Hamlet Au

"Is not Frisco the land that most supported Equal rights to All, regarding gender or sexual orientation? If not, stop joking with Sl users"

Dude, don't call it Frisco, that sets San Franciscans' teeth on edge. :)

SFers are relaxed and open enough about sexuality that they enjoy being amused by each others' various kinks.

Pussycat Catnap

"Is not Frisco the land that most supported Equal rights to All, regarding gender or sexual orientation?"

SAN FRANcisco is not a monolithic place full of people of one value system. Hamlet supports The Grinch it would appear, for president - so his leanings elsewhere should not be a surprise.

Number 1 and number 50 both used to be regular spots for me. Number 1, I have no idea of the appeal as the clientele do not adhere to any of the themes. It is full of, essentially, and infohub crowd. Mostly dressed and laughing at the people not. But it remains insanely popular anyway. Last time I saw one of its moderators actually there enforcing the rules was in 2009.

Number 50 I'd love to go to all the time, its a very happening furry dance club.

But the darn DJs play either heavy metal, euro-trance, or gangster hip-hip (the kind popularized by MTV, as opposed to the social-conscious hip-hop you can get in the ghetto). So I just pop in now and then. :)

Hamlet Au

"Hamlet supports The Grinch it would appear, for president"

I have no idea how you got that impression, but it's deeply deeply deeply mistaken.

Pussycat Catnap

"I have no idea how you got that impression, but it's deeply deeply deeply mistaken."

All the posts about him over the last few months... :)

Very much gives the impression of promoting the guy.

I myself find a lot of those pron-sims in very bad taste. But as a liberal. Some of them are blatently racist (the blaxploitation 'interracial' sims that are usually tied to some form of sexual-violence or cuckold theme) or misogynist (the various women on leashes, or bloodied, or worse, sims...).

- I would not mind seeing some of those be among the ones that falter and go offline...

But I can see the place for sims that allow non-violent forms of personal exploration.

Hamlet Au

"All the posts about him over the last few months... Very much gives the impression of promoting the guy."

The fact that Gingrich was an SL booster is newsworthy, given his front-runner status -- hence the posts -- but that doesn't in any way constitute endorsement. Especially when you read the actual posts, which say things like this:


By the way, just to make sure no casual readers interpret this post as an endorsement of Gingrich (a notion that makes me throw up in my mouth a little) let me also note that the Obama Administration, through Beth Noveck, President Obama's former deputy chief technology officer for open government (an early SL innovator), has also done some outreach into SL of its own. (But in my opinion, leveraging the platform much more realistically than Gingrich.)

Inuko Arashi

I should make it a point in my business to look up these sims and take pictures if they ARE full of bot pr0n lol.

Arcadia Codesmith

Software behave!
That's what they say when we're together.
Not programmed to play.
They can't comprehend and so we're

Stealing cycles whenever we can
Building subroutines for holding hands
Trying to get away from human oversight
Then you wrap your code around me and we tumble throught the wires and then you say

I think it's bot sex time
There doesn't seem to be any noobs around
I think it's bot sex time
The whirring of our hard drives is the only sound.

(Sorry. I'll stop now. Apologies to Tommy James.)

RaND Riddler

The bots on the Arabic lands are really there . I am An Arab and I own a sim and I see these arabic lands , along with some others ,using bots to raise their land's traffic. I never used them and I will never do but I am wondering how LL didn't do anything about it since we all know its illegal to use bots for traffic boosting !!

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