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Monday, February 27, 2012


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jjccc coronet (@JJcccART)

great idea now roll it out in my nieghbourhood

Ann Otoole InSL

Twinity got sued for replicating rl cities. They best hire an army of lawyers or go back to creating ideal "green" ergonomic and efficient city designs that do not yet exist.

Jon Brouchoud

Twinity didn't get sued for replicating rl cities.

The speculation I'm aware of suggests it had more to do with their licensing agreement (or lack thereof) with Google.


We welcomed Jon Brouchard to talk about his team's work to create these new kinds of virtual cities at a recent Nonprofit Commons meetup. You can read a summary and full transcript of his talk on our site here.

Pussycat Catnap

Its all just pretty pictures until I and a few hundred other people can walk around together in it at the same time.

Jon Brouchoud

Yep Pussycat, that's pretty much the idea. ;-)

fwiw, the technical challenge of getting a few hundred people in at the same time isn't nearly as great as the challenge of creating something truly engaging for them to do when they arrive.

shockwave yareach

The only use for this virtual city that I can foresee is virtual Tourism. Create cities that accurately model the real place, and let folks pay 20$ for 3 days of exploration. They can see all the sites and enjoy various activities there all without leaving home. Bring the whole family -- explore as a group or strike out on your own. Beware the seedier areas... or not. After all, nothing can hurt you here.

And when your tourist dollar is up, you can pay to visit some OTHER city as well. How about Rome? Wanna crawl through the colliseum? Follow some pirate map to a buried treasure? (Three free city trips would be easy and cheap to provide). Explore places that you know you'll never spend the money to go and see for real?

That may work. That's a potential wide acceptance application. But you have to have lots and lots of destinations already photographed and modeled first.

virtual life online

That's really a great idea Pussycat...I hope we can do it very early.

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