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Friday, February 03, 2012


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Pussycat Catnap

Wait, I'm perfect in RL so...

Ok, maybe just mostly perfect.

White girls obsess over the darndest things. :D

For SL, anything that can remove the 'plastic look' is a good thing.

My sister who's father is Spanish does have light hair, that sun bleaches easily, leaving a natural 'dark roots' look from even when we were kids.

But this one is not an issue for me in RL not being Caucasian - I'm not too far from the age where I'll be looking at 'go gray vs. cover it up.'

My SL Avatar has always had a reddish black hair, or black with red highlights. An accident of my newbie days in grabbing any old hair I could find - and a friend then noting that hair color when describing how she saw and thought of me. Its a somewhat unreal color combination, though of late I've been shifting it to a darker more earthy reddish-brown tone.

I think the search here, for hair with root tones, that you're feeling - is very similar to the search people like me have been up to for some time to find non-caucasian skins.

Both stem from a desire to have something we can self-identify with more.

The hair without such roots will feel 'not authentic' to "one of you white girls" ( ;) ) in the same way that us being on a paler skin feels 'not in my own skin'.
- This coming from someone who wears now, a dark African skin, despite being Asian/Native American (got an informally adopted African brother, but that's not the same thing).

Its not the desire to look like one's real self, but the desire to have something you can self-identify with a perspective on. An "I feel at home in this POV" issue.


I don't have trouble finding "perfect" hair. Seriously, this is an issue with developers not being able to create, and not a fashion statement.

Pussycat Catnap

"I don't have trouble finding "perfect" hair. Seriously, this is an issue with developers not being able to create, and not a fashion statement."

I think you completely missed the point of the blog. :)

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