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Thursday, March 15, 2012


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Deltango Vale

Tyche is a perfect example of the pool of skilled professionals that exist within Second Life. It's a shame Linden Lab ignored the contributions of hundreds of such professionals among the resident community over the past five years. So many mistakes could have been avoided.

Tateru Nino

Tyche rocks. I keep mentioning this.

Account Deleted

Yes, Tyche Shepherd's Grid Survey is definitely even more invaluable now.
It's a shame that SL decided to no longer publish Second Life economic stats. This leave us thinking...
And I agree with Deltango Vale: there are many ignored amazingly skilled professionals within SL.
Unfortunately Linden seems to hear itself only.

Corcosman Voom

Thanks for putting the human, and avatar, face on Tyche. The 'stuff' in Second Life is interesting but the people can be fascinating.

Rhianon Jameson

Here's to stat nerds!

Ciaran Laval

Tyche does indeed rock and is a wonderful Statto.

Kim Anubis

Tyche, thank you!

Fleep Tuque

I've appreciated, discussed, and been informed by Tyche's data for years but not sure I ever found a forum to say thanks. So thank you, Tyche! A wonderful contribution to the community indeed.

Graham Mills

nods -- gridsurvey makes a major contribution to the SL experience.

Graham Mills

Speaking of which, I see many of the Welcome islands have converted into Destination islands.

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