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Tuesday, March 06, 2012


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Sian Pearl

I've been to Fermi! It's nothing to do with Fermi the scientist, but it's good enough. It's a large and well-maintained and staffed sandbox. It gets some problems with griefers, inevitably, but deals with them OK. It's the sort of place I'd *want* to see in the top 50.

Pussycat Catnap

I'm wondering what the Open Sim faithful post will be for this topic. There's always a slant somewhere that's a reason to try Open Sim. :)

Otherwise, the list looks pretty much like it always does.

Has it changed at all?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Pussycat, I'm faithful to OpenSim, but there's no slant here. This list illustrates well the advantages of SL. Come what may (rimshot) the OS grids I've visited do not have Bukkake Bliss Island.

Or maybe I don't get out enough. Thank God.

Hamlet, you need new "grabber" headlines. This month:

"Cockneys Whip Cocks, Spooge Holds Steady in 6th Place."

Bryon Ruxton

Let me rephrase what apparently made you block me on G+ or delete my post. Oo?

Those stats are the average from the maximum amount of avatars in those sim at any point in time. Which I suppose they get from the map counts.

I do not believe the maximum amount of avatars in a sim without comprehensive unique visitors can be used to publish as list of Top Most Popular SL Sims. The data is useful but not enough to conclude a legitimate top sims list in my opinion. That's all.

Thank you for letting me have an opinion, even if that rubs you the wrong way... People can disagree with your articles, and think some of them are ridiculous, that's seriously no reason to ban or block someone. Sincerely,

Hamlet Au

I appreciate you discussing your points here rather than on G+ where Louis of Metaverse Business might not see and be able to address them.

Bryon Ruxton

He already addressed that here: http://www.metaverse-business.com/blog/nwn_traffic.php , so no need for clarification.

And I appreciate you highlighted: "average visitor count, the unique visitor range at any given period, and the sim's rank the previous month"

Sadly the average mind will read that in a different way, without the nuance.


there is at least one botfarm in that list

elizabeth (16)

dont know about Smile. Grumble is a shopping sim and is all legit traffic on it


QMRNA is a botfarm and so are the others with strange names , any theories on why??
they are still out there found rather funny site about it


I'm sort of curious that a sim called Smile is in the top 50...

Has anyone visited Fermi (…) ?

Well Hamlet, why don't you go there and see for yourself? That's what reporting "first hand" means I think? But nowadays you only seem to go online in SL to be photographed in closing sims... Tom Wolfe would be proud of your "journalism"!

David Cartier

You know, maybe I'm a bit of a wet blanket, but I don't see how it's in anyone's interest that Linden Lab even allow property names like "Bukkake Bliss Island". Some of us try to combat the widespread idea that Second Life is nothing but a wasteland of sexually deviant Brasilians; that we aren't all virtual child molesters and necrophiliacs, but Linden Lab isn't helping things. The top 50 sims should be places that everyone is able to visit, rather than scammy x-rated bot farms.

Ajax Manatiso

Fermi is a sandbox that also has some great "freebie" packages for builders like "box of 100 full perm textures". They also run classes for builders. Like any sandbox there are occasional griefers but staff members are usually around to eject them.

foneco zuzu

I wish you will rephrase your post David!
Its offensive not only for Brazilians but as well to All that think that Sex is as natural and necessary as eating, even if only in a virtual way!
And it looks like sadly, many still cant realize the importance of the non Usa users to the Lab.
LL is a United States based company with a majority of users World spread.

foneco zuzu

And I rather prefer to have a sim called Bukkake Bliss Island then the idea Of the lab censuring names!

David Cornish

@David Cartier

You're wanting Linden Labs to censor region names that you don't agree with?

Second Life mimicks real life. To censor region names would be akin to thinking strip clubs don't exist in real life.

I'd much rather Linden Labs not censor region names, than censor them.

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