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Monday, April 30, 2012


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I love the elements lifted from both Second Life and Burning Man. I would guess both may have had a role of inspiring this. Oddly enough, I also felt it was a bit reminiscent of Rollerball and was kind of hoping they would blow up the greyhounds with massive flamethrowers.

Dirk Talamasca

I would vote NO in that Absolut was inspired by Second Life in the creation of this ad while voting YES to ColeMarie being inspired by Vodka to suggest similarities.

Stephen Venkman

I'd have to agree with Dirk's assessment.

Dartagan Shepherd

Absolut has always worked with photographers and directors that have experience in the given feel that they're looking for, in any one of their campaigns. They've tended to give a fair of creative license in their projects.

From SL inspiration? No. Utah Salt Flats and races? Yes, spin on something that's been done quite a few times.



I do notice a woman in the video at 3:15 wearing what appears to be a system skirt... ;)

Nathan Adored

In all the times I've seen the 30-second TV-commercial version of this one (I've never seen this extended version till now), I hadn't made any SL connection, I mostly read into it a vaguely Tron: Legacy vibe, since in the 30-second commercial, more of it is devoted to the greyhound race... and since the music in the 30-second commercial (and in those same parts of the extended version above) sounds very much like the Daft Punk music from that movie, and the greyhounds seem VERY much like something you'd see in Tron. But yeah, now that you point it out... there's a bit of steampunk in this (greets to New Babbage! :D ), and a lot of Burn2.0 look about it, too.

Moni Duettmann

Tron, Mad Max... whatever...

Cube Republic

Oh look booze makes you cool and sexy and we can get all the bloggers to viraly advertise it woot woot.


SL is just a reflection of what is trending RL. All we see in this add are pieces copied together from 'cool' stuff that is around RL for quite some time. The connection of Lady Gaga with vodka adds is also known.
And with all respect, AM Radio's aesthetic comes 1 to 1 out of the art history book. All he ever did was rebuilding very well known images from RL in SL.

Pernod Brannvin

Yes indeed I noticed the ad looked a bit like some SL sporting events I've attended. Although if they really wanted to resemble SL with that many people they should add more lag. And isn't it about time Absolut bought themselves a vowel, perhaps an e? After all they do use the word vodka and my inner typist feels something is amiss. In my world, greyhounds are made with gin but that is what makes alternate worlds such a great notion. You can have it any way you like. Cheers!


I don't see the connection to SL. At all.


Hi guys , here is an interesting commercial with asian vampires shooted in Madrid ,hope you like it .


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