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Monday, April 23, 2012


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Spookily enough I finished too this weekend. I did enjoy it, and I see what you mean about the final quest. However I felt I had levelled up enough and had done a stack of side missions that it seemed fitting I was ready to just deal with Aldiun. After all in the plot you see in a vision a few others deal with him in a similar fashion.
I didn't realise it had actually ended though and was expecting to get absolutely pummelled back in the world.
At the same time I now feel happy to run around the world doing the other side quests knowing that I had sorted out the bad guy.
So yes :) I know what you mean but few game endings on things this long feel good. Maybe Red Dead Redemption is the only one I felt a certain wow about about.
Back in the day the FF VII ending was a massive grind against Sepiroth that after 140+ hours almost felt impossible.
I think the psychology of long term stories and series on TV usually is up against it, Lost on TV etc. All that time, followed by is that it?
Probably more an allegory for life if you are feeling pessimistic :)


It's not the kill, it's the thrill of the chase!

But, yeah, I agree. Alduin's a wimp. Along with ALL the dragons in Skyrim. They're all wimps.

I've been killed more times by mud crabs than by dragons.


shockwave yareach

I can has dragon burger?

Hamlet Au

Some folks on Reddit (who have a nice thread on this post) pointed out it doesn't necessarily take 50-60 hours to reach the final Alduin fight, so I tweaked that point.


For me I like the option of getting Alduin and the dragon stuff out of the way first, and then having the whole rest of the game to do. It's fun bringing the more powerful dragon shouts into the civil war quests for example.

I agree that Alduin was too easy, the entire game too easy on default difficult actually, but I wouldn't have it any other way in being able to decide what lines of quests are most important to me. One of the reasons Skyrim is so good is the dragons can be a footnote if you so decide to play that way.

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Dizzy Banjo

I actually think Skyrim is a crap game in a strict sense - but is a great exploratory place for wandering.

I don't really feel compelled to even play the quests that much, but the world itself, the weather, the music and the light of it - are magical.

I doubt ill ever get near to completion..


Honestly I had a harder time defeating the Draugr leading up to him then I had defeating him! I even went through the trouble of saving all my health potions (I had four) because I figured I'd need them in the final fight. In the end I needed no health potions and all it took to defeat Alduin was to shout Dragonrend now and then and sit back and watch the heros defeat him.

Not hard. At all.

I was a teeny, tiny bit disappointed. I was all tensed up for a big, boss fight and all I got was a stupid little dragon.


I am level 36. Own all the houses in Skyrim. Have done all the major quests already. Met far more intimidating bosses on the side quests then I did with Alduin. Pathetic!


If you want an amazing experience in Skyrim play on the hardest setting and promise yourself that if you die, legitimately (not due to some quirk of the game) you have to start over. If you kill your companion, you have to find a new one. And under no circumstance, allow a two-hand welding boss in arms length of you (decapitation!). Dozens of heart-stopping battles - where every mistake could be your last! Where your high level enemies are as tough (or tougher) than you - and you have to use all your skills, shouts, potions, perks to succeed. I just finished - after over 300 hours - and Skyrim was the best game I ever played. (I was decapitated at level 34 and started over!). And the best part about starting over, once you're past the Whiterun dragon encounter, each major city area offers a completely differenct game experience. So, though I started over I think 6 times, I never had the same game experience. What an awesome RPG game - certainly not made to play in a couple days, weeks or even months. Again, try it on hardest setting - and like in real life - game over when you die.... you wont' be dispointed!


Eventually i tried skyrim which everyone says is awesome, and yes, it is to a large degree - if you accept it as a game only to maximize your benefits and not pursue your "ideals", or role-play if you wish. At the start I was amazed with the graphics and storytelling, as well as the abundance of quests. However, once you accept a quest, which you may have little information about, there is only one way to successfully end it. I accepted tha mace of Molag Bal, although being forced to slay the helpless priest (albeit arrogant, but arrogance doesn't deserve death) and continued the game for a while, and ended up being forced to eat the dead corpse in "A taste of flesh" quest, or killing Eola resulting in quest failed. What's wrong with these Bethesda guys, it should rather be possible to support the priest in his rite agains Molag Bal and the monk in Taste of Flesh and, if not get a bounty, at least get a mission accomplished saying, "I supported the deceit of xxx and defeated yyy ("to support my character building style" or whatever) for the betterment of Skyrim".

This, my friends, is the ultimate deviation from (the original) fallout series, where you DID mostly have a choice of ending, even after a quest has been accepted. HTF am I supposed to know the only choice to "accomplish" the quest is to go out of character??

After whatever (60 some) hours wasted believing this was a great game, I am now formatting my hard disk. Good thing I didn't purhase the shiite.


I had the same experience fighting Alduin just last night on my second playthrough. Granted my character *is* lv44, but something is seriously borked with the balancing here.

I'd been playing on Legendary up until the last Draugr Overlord just before Sovngarde (who for some reason was OHKO'ing me with his shouts on all difficulties above Adept, wtf?), then I get to Alduin, stick it back on Legendary and he's absolutely pathetic ;/ makes no sense.


Will I be able to kill alduin only lvl 16

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