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Thursday, April 05, 2012


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Kim Anubis

Good going, Des!

Zarkinfrood Miami

This is brilliant. And with bukkit add-ons, a more complete role-play experience can be achieved by anyone logging in. A few I would recommend would be:
Heroes - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/heroes/
Allows for specific classes to be set up, weapon and armor restrictions, leveling up + more.

Dynmap -http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/misc-dynmap-v0-36-3-real-time-minecraft-maps-1-1-r4-1-2-4-r1-0.489/
We use this on our own server to map the world as it is explored. allows for top down and isometric views of the server and player tracking if you enable it. a lot of other options I haven't played with, but by far the most worthwhile plug-in I have found.

there are a ton of others, and if you haven't looked into Bukkit yet,Bukkit is where it's at.


Metacam Oh

Nice squid flying in mid air in the first screen shot :)

I love Minecraft

jo yardley

It sounds interesting but I never really got Minecraft and am such a visual person that the graphics don't appeal to me at all.
Love the idea of wild animals, using the land for goods, etc.
But the way minecraft looks today, I'm not that keen.

Emilly Orr


Well, the fishnets and garter look came after, when I went back to my "normal" Minecraft skin; that was more just a fluorite avatar I threw together to be closer to Victorian.

At this point, CrystalShard Foo runs around on the server mostly naked, so I went back to the fishnets. :D

Desmond Shang

It's been fun, certainly ~ nothing quite like a little bit of offbeat fun once in a while.

If there's any truly disastrous thing that an online business can do, it's probably "take yourself too seriously."

We prefer good times, to all that stuff.

foneco zuzu



Sorry but I wouldn't play under a bunch of prudes for minecraft.

Minecraft is meant for young/youthful people, not a bunch of old worn-down buzzards looking for cash.

Alexandra Rucker


'scuse me while I smack you with my geritol. Retirees don't want to sit around staring at the walls discussing who's liver is failing all day. :P

Desmond Shang

A quick update on this: Caledon Minecraft has proved successful enough to move to a hosted server, and has steady daily traffic and a *lot* of new content. It's been a bit of a smash hit, really.

In a world without permissions, however, we found that a 100% open world means it will be destroyed by griefers in less than 24 hours.

This was safely discovered by test ~ we set out some 'bait' in the form of a world backup, before actually moving over. In any case, especially due to that, it's Caledon residents and their invited friends only.

RE: comments above: yes we've tested dynmap and some other things, however since this has to hold up across what may possibly be dozens of updates... I'm going slow before taking the mod plunge.

We have a test server where I have dynmap running right now, for instance, but Minecraft has its bugs and I'm a firm believer in not constantly breaking content ~ we've had to fix the Caledon National Rail in Second Life many times over the years, as parcel prim limits and server handoff methods change, and break things. Hence the extreme caution with regard to adding yet more breakables such as mods. But they will come in time.

And to Neuro above: all assumptions made are dead wrong. But hey, keep on believing :)

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