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Friday, April 27, 2012


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Arcadia Codesmith

Frankly, the most interesting entries out there at the moment are those with no marketing and rudimentary monetization.

Zynga's been doing a bang-up job innoculating the player population against the "operant conditioning as game" model".

Meanwhile, Star Wars: The Old Republic is suffering the bitter backlash of marketing overhype, and it seems as if Guild Wars 2 may be looking at the same fate.

Lessons learned: don't build your game around an abusive revenue model, and don't let marketing oversell you as the best thing since sliced bread when you're not (and you're probably not).

Instead, if you want a game you can point at and be proud of twenty or thirty years down the road, focus your resources on building a solid community, listen to the community, deliver for the community, and let them be your enthusiastic volunteer marketers.

Adeon Writer

Minecraft I think is a great example of that, the game has never been officially advertised in any form, it's entire popularity was spread by word of mouth. The only hype you get are from actual players.

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