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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


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Masami Kuramoto

"What Kind of Worlds Will We See Through Google's Augmented Reality Glasses?"

According to that video: none at all. It's just a 2D overlay.

Graham Mills

The concept video doesn't really mesh with the design. Presumably the display should be scrunched into the top right corner? I'm not entirely convinced by the (presumably) largely speech-driven interface either. I suspect there's an interface to an android phone lurking somewhere but I'd really like to see a discreet forearm or wrist keypad. Three buttons would be enough. Clearly there's a strong focus on augmented reality and Siri-style services. There isn't any real sense of immersion other than maybe the screen-sharing at the end.

Jo yardley

I wouldn't see any world because I won't get one.
I don't even want one of those damn modern mobile phones.

What a hellish vision of the future.
People rolling their eyes at their glasses, talking to their glasses and doing lots of other things while you think they are talking to you.

Lucius Nesterov

'Registration' - lining up digital content with the real-world - has been the main challenge for AR from the very beginning. Google have just decided to ignore it completely.

Still, if they put some research into the hardware, then someone will find a use for it.

Hamlet Au

"It's just a 2D overlay."

And a lot of virtual worlds and virtual world-type games are 2D.

Dale Innis

Vernor Vinge, Rainbows End. Just saying'... :)

Graham Mills

maybe the display won't be "scrunched up"; see http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/google-glasses-real-micro-displays-20120223/

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